Tuesday 06.18.13

Tip Tuesday:: How Much Does Your Garden Grow?

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Since it is the season for beautiful flowers and abundant gardens, we figured even your shrubbery could use a little NEAT Method advice!

Tip #1:: First things first, make sure you garden in style! How cute is this apron to hold all of the necessary tools when getting your hands dirty!?!?

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Tip #2:: We absolutely love a good peg board with everything NEATly placed in categories. Even if you don't have all the wall space in the world, just by creating one section under a sink or on a shelf in the garage will make you excited for next planting season. 

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Tip #3:: You know we LOVE our labels and think we've found the perfect one so you can tell all of your herbs apart. Just be sure to use a paint pen that doesn't wash off in the rain!


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P.S. If any of you have gardens that you are proud of, please send tips on how to actually make things grow!


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