It's now…2 Blondes vs. 2 Bruenettes!

With the expansion of NEAT Method, comes not only the excitement of new cities and new clients – but also amazing new employees! We are beyond thrilled to introduce you to our newest team member based in Chicago – Marissa Rae Hagmeyer! This brunette is wickedly good at marketing, has a graphic designer's eye, and can whip up some pretty fabulous gourmet meals we might add! 

We decided to take Marissa up on one of her famous home cooked meals, as we pried into this Real Housewife of Chicago’s life.

For those of you who would like a visual:

Marissa Hagmeyer, Marissa Crylen, cooking, brunette cooking, kitchen, homecooked

(PS, her secret ingredient is hot sauce and love)

NM :: (as we try to come up from our food for air) So judging by this feast, we obviously can tell you are a foodie! Since you clearly know what you are doing, what is your favorite restaurant in Chicago?

MH :: Oh man, favorite restaurant is soo hard!! I guess I will list them out for you by genre, and you can pick to feature any of them. (To bad we are featuring them all!) :

– Italian: Topo Gigio

– Mediterranean: Turquois

– American: Feast

– Fish: Shaws or Sunda

– Tapas: Emilios

– Special Occasion: NoMI or Girl & the Goat

– Indian: Klay Oven (LOVE spicy food)

– Thai: Opart (again always down for a little spice)

– On the bucket list: I recently read Life on the Line, the biographer of Grant Achataz, Head Chef and Owner of Alinea….some day I will go there!!!

Marissa Hagmeyer, Marissa Crylen, Chicago, Mother Daughter

NM :: And if you had to eat one food for The Rest. Of. Your. Life.?

MH :: This is REALLY tough because since I’m a foodie, I hate eating the same things over and over again. Can I pick a type of food?? If so, I would say Mediterranean. The only thing I am not a huge fan of, is (pause) cake.

Alex Hagmeyer, Marissa Hagmeyer, sports, Chicago, Couple, happy couple, married

NM :: (voice in shock) What?! Please elaborate.

MH :: I have just always been on Team Ice Cream. In fact when I was little, I always had an ice cream cake or a cookie cake on my birthday because I “hated cake.” We even nixed the traditional cake at my wedding, and served an ice cream sundae bar!  But ice cream is my indulgence, and I’m pretty sure everyone knows I can’t turn it down. My all-time favorite is an Oberwise Mix-In with peanut butter cups!  Should we go there after we finish dinner?

Alex Hagmeyer, Marissa Hagmeyer, sports, Chicago, Couple, happy couple, married

NM :: Before we get actual scoops, let’s get some real scoop on you! What are your favorite things to do in your free time? Besides organizing, of course!

MH :: I love to run along Lake Michigan, attend yoga classes, spend time with my family and friends, and I am constantly starting a new DIY project. 

Alex Hagmeyer, Marissa Hagmeyer, sports, Chicago, Couple, happy couple, married

NM :: So you have been blissfully married for a little under a year, but how did you two meet?

MH :: Alex and I are high school sweethearts and fell smitten in the halls of Naperville North High School. 

Alex Hagmeyer, Marissa Hagmeyer, sports, Chicago, Couple, happy couple, married

NM :: Since you obviously live with your husband, any tips to help dudes lead a more organized and clutter-free life?

MH :: Well the biggest lesson I have taught Alex since being married is how to reduce the amount of papers he keeps laying around. It used to drive me crazy, but I quickly learned that nagging him about it wasn't the best solution. Instead, I bought a cute basket that sits on our shelf. The rule is simple; every time I put another article in the basket, I take one from the bottom and throw it away. So far he hasn't come looking for any of the articles I threw away! I also would advise guys to have a place to organize the things that get emptied out of their pockets every night. It is a must! From golf tees, to loose change, a nightstand can get ugly real fast if those odds and ends don't have a place to go.

Alex Hagmeyer, Marissa Hagmeyer, sports, Chicago, Couple, happy couple, married

NM ::  We can already tell you are just the perfect addition to the team, but what do you think makes you a rock-star asset?

MH :: I think my marketing and design background, combined with my 'type A' personality is what makes me a great addition. I have also lived in Chicago for the large majority of my life, so I know this city well and can't wait to introduce it to NEAT!

Marissa Hagmeyer, Marissa Crylen, girl, brunette, bachelorette, big hat, fiesta

Isn't she just the cutiest little organized foodie you've ever met?? Personally, we think she is better than two scoops of ice-cream and that's saying a lot in Marissa's book!


The NEAT girls

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  • Hillary Kelly

    CONGRATS! She will be a great addition :)!

  • Nancy

    How exciting! A perfect addition! Congrats NeatMethod!

  • Liz

    Maris is going to be such a FABULOUS addition!!! NEAT is so lucky!!!!

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