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Moving In & Up With NEAT

It is definitely that time of the year! No, we don't mean those common end of August sayings: "back to school" or "fall"! We are actually referring to moving season… which happens to be one of our favorite seasons! 😉

We all know that moving & the unpacking can be hectic and stressful, but here at NEAT, we tend to find it as one of our most exciting jobs! We essentially get to work from a blank canvas!

It just so happens our NEAT Scottsdale gal, Mika, was recently given as a Thank You Gift from a realtor to a new home buyer. What a cute way to say thank you – helping the new homeowners get settled into their dream home!

Since the Scottsdale team worked their cute butts off on one of their most fun jobs, we thought it would be fun to share all the scoop, along with some NEAT tips & tricks to have NEAT move in!

First up…the calm before the storm in the Her Master (stunning) Closet!

Oh hey! Here is Mika hard at work!

*Using a rolling rack is one easy & simple way to start the hanging process! You may not necessarily determine what clothes should take which hanging rod, until you can see how big your hanging sections are per category (think tops, bottoms, dresses, etc).

*Designate specfic drawers for undergarments. We typically like the drawers to reflect the body – bras, undies, and then socks!

*Jewelry organization is a must for most women! For a cleaner and sleeker look, we prefer to use acrylic organizers to display baubles!

*And as we have preached before, slimline hangers are a must!

Now here is the calm before the storm in the HIS Master Closet!

(Which by the way, we love how masculine they were able to create the closet!)

*We color code shoes, making it easier to find what to wear based on your outfit!

*We love using these tie organizers for the fellas! You can buy them here!

*And every man needs a catch tray when he comes home and needs to empty out his pockets!

Here is Mika amongst the "mess" in the kitchen as she sorts through the client's belongings!

*It is important to first understand what all you have, before you can start finding a permanent home for things.

How beautiful is this pantry!

*More common and everyday eaten items, like breakfast foods and snacks, are on lower shelves. And because this particular client doesn't bake all that often, baking ingredients were placed on higher shevles.

*We implemented kid friendly plastic containers for food items, (cereals, dried fruit, nuts, etc).

*And who doesn't love a good chalkboard label? We adore!

*We like to designate lower drawers for younger children who are at the age when they are learning to take care of themselves. By placing kid friendly snack foods lower, children can help pack their lunches in the AM or grab a snack without bothering you!

We hope you all love the moving process as much as we do! But if not, NEAT is only a phone call away! 😉


the NEAT girls

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  • Jen destefano

    I need help!! We just moved. When are you available? Lindsay raved about u! 480-861-2839 jen destefano.

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