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NEAT Method's Celebrity Crushes

What better day than today, to shamelessly admit who we are crushing on these days. If you thought you knew the NEAT girls…think again! We would love to see what happens if we put this eclectic group in a room together. This year, we decided instead of telling you about someone completely predictable that we adore, we really went outside of the box and came up with our 2013 Valentines (with a NEAT twist of course!) First up…Molly!

Molly Graves, NEAT Method, Today Show, Matt Lauer, Valentines Day, Crushes

Molly:: Matt Lauer, will you be my Valentine?

NM:: It's official we are totally weirded out. What about Matt Lauer makes your heart skip a beat?

Molly:: I am a huge fan of the, Today Show and Matt is always getting a hard time for being a bit of a germaphobe. I love it! Matt, we are both married, but will you be my Valentine? I promise to keep my germs at least one foot away at all times! I'll let Ash take it from here…

Ashley Murphy, NEAT Method, Bethany Frankel, Valentines Day, Crushes, Skinny Girl

NM:: Why are we not surprised you chose Bethenny Frankel?

Ashley:: Why?!

NM:: Well besides the fact that she is a bad@** business woman, it is clear that you must love her skinny girl products considering how good you look 3 ½ months post-baby!

Ashley:: Honestly, I thought she might need a Valentine to cheer her up this year, but I did think of her because she is awesome! Heather, who did you pick?

Heather Byrne, Harvey Specter, Valentines Day, Crushes, Suits, Heather Gilligan

Heather:: Harvey Specter AKA Gabriel Macht – guilty as charged!! (See what I did there??)

NM:: We do! What a handsome man to be your Valentine!

Heather:: He’s not just handsome, he gets things done! I am a major fan of the show “Suits” on USA, and I love his "always one step ahead" attitude. He's smooth, sharp, and never loses – talk about a heartbreaker! Marissa, who are you crushin' on? Did we save the best for last?

Marissa Hagmeyer, Miami, Kim Kardashian, Florida, Valentines Day, Crush

Marissa:: You sure did! This new beach babe would love for the one and only Kim K to be her Valentine!

NM:: We would have never seen that one coming!

Marissa:: Well after she shared her closet this week…and that girl has GOT to know how to pack super efficiently given how much she travels. I plan on doing some serious traveling to and from Chicago and Florida so hopefully, if she is my Valentine, and I learn her tricks!

Valentines Day, Candy Hearts, Victorias Secret, Pink, Love, Crushes, NEAT Method

NM:: We hope you got a kick out of Valentines this year – who is your shameless Valentine?


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