One Man’s Junk….

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Is another man’s (or woman’s) treasure!

Are there things laying around your house that you know you should get rid of and just don’t? We know you’re thinking this is going to be our way of telling you why you should and how to do so, but instead we’ve decided to prove that the NEAT girls are just like the average person.

Believe it or not, we hold onto unnecessary treasures as well. Here are just a few examples of our slightly embarrassing possessions…

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Marissa hates to admit it, but she herself found an item that she tends to hoard…Cooks Illustrated magazines. When asked if she ever looks at them for recipe inspiration, her reply was simply “No”. Then she further explained that it was likely because she also has the Cooks Illustrated Cookbook of 2,000+ recipes…Oh, and there is the Science of Good Cooking cookbook as well.

Really Maris? REALLY???

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We discoverd that Molly had these hidden gems tucked away in her closet. She refers to them as her “fancy shants” and explains that “they are just so comfortable”- but she would never be caught dead sporting them. Oh, and did we mention that they are Abercrombie & Fitch?

Moll, just think how happy you could make a 13yr. old girl (or boy) out there!

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Ashley shared that this Juicy Couture (terry cloth limegreen dress) was one of her favorite summer staples and would love for the trend to come back. “There aren’t many dresses that absorb water and allow for a great tan at the same time,” she stated.

Ummmm Ash, even if the trend comes back there’s a chance it wouldn’t cover your tush!

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Lastly, Heather admitted that she hasn’t rocked this Nomination bracelet since highschool, but due to sentimental value – hates to see it go.

It’s ok Hez, we all had one too! However, it may be time to find another girl with the HG initials who will gladly rock the statement piece.

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If any of you have any junk that someone else may find as a treasure, please feel free to share! We promise we won’t judge.


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