Scoring on Super Bowl Sunday

For those of you whose beloved football team is not in the Super Bowl this year (tear), Sunday February 2nd might be a good time to instead spend a little time on you! Now we are not saying you should miss out on the commercials this year (because those are always a good time!), but Super Bowl Sunday also happens to mark 1 month since the New Year began. Are your New Years Resolution(s) still headed in the right direction??

Since "working out" & "being more organized" always  seem to be the majority of America's top resolutions year after year… and Super Bowl Sunday is all about good ol' fashioned American football, we thought it seemed most appropriate to help with a few quick tips to keep your fitness headed to success!

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If biking (ie to work) is your new fitness resolution, it is important to have your wheels in a prominent place in your home or garage. It only makes sense that you will actually bike, if you see your bike! We are absolutely loving this chic bike shelf by Knife & Saw! It's sleek, modern, and functional!

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If you're the type to have a set weekly workout routine with Shaun T on your DVD player (like our gal Raelynn is this year…right Raelynn??), it is important to create a place in your home with (organized) workout equipment. By designating baskets in a well organized specific place, this will help motivate you to actually do your at-home fitness routines! 

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For the fellas that are trying to spend a few more days on the green this year, a golf accessory trunk organizer is perfect for keeping those golf items organized on the go! This way, you can play a quick 9 at a moments notice!

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For the smaller cutie pies who are working on less tablet time and a little more active time this year – organizing sports equipment by type and into colorful wired bins, will keep like items together in a more playful way. Being able to see what is inside and having easy access, will most likely encourage your children to play outside more!

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We hope you all have fun watching the game, or at least the commercials and half time show at this year's game! And if none of the above, perhaps spending the day organizing or up in the gym, just workin on your fitness!


the NEAT girls

PS Super Bowl Spoiler Alert :: How cute is this Dorito's commercial that apparently is going to air??

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  • Megan Hamlin

    I love the bike rack! What a great way to hang and display your bike while also gaining come functional shelfing space.

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