Tip Tuesday :: 4 Back to School Items you Need to Get Now!

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

We are officially in the month of August which means it is that time of year that all parents love and kids hate – Back to School! Here are four things that we are NOT passing up as we prepare for the most organized school year yet! First, let's start with the basics – a backpack. There is a fine line between pockets, and too many pockets. Hanna Andersson has created the perfect backpack for school this year!

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The most important thing inside that backpack is your child's lunch!! This lunchbox from Land of Nod has the convenient outside pouch for a water bottle which is a must! It also has combined style with function in a way that will leave both parents and kids happy.

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If you missed our earlier post this summer about NameBubbles, now's your chance to jump on the bandwagon. These things cannot be missed when thinking about back to school this year. If you would like to spend less time searching through the lost and found and re- buying items that have gone  missing, we suggest you put these at the TOP of your list!

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And finally, we cannot resist a new item from Crewcuts at JCrew. This is a jacket that can easily be stuffed into a backpack for a field trip. While wearing this fun orange color, your child will be easy to spot during the pick up line at the end of a school day. **Added BONUS -this jacket is a unisex color making it a perfect hand-me-down!**

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We're excited to make the 2015/2016 school year the best one yet! 


the NEAT girls


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