Tip Tuesday:: Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

We know that often times we talk about the obvious areas that need organizing…so today, we thought we would share our top 4 small things that get neglected. Hopefully it will inspire you to not sweat about organizing the annoying small stuff. 

1. Your change:: It never fails that we all have too much change in our pockets or wallets and just don't know what we should do with it. Instead of letting it pile up in a drawer or on top of a dresser, keep a coin jar to toss all of it into.  

coin organizing, coin jar

2. Batteries:: How many of you are always looking for a particular type of battery? Just think how nice it would be to have them perfectly organized in a container like the one below. You can find them here

container store, battery storage, battery organizing

3. Buttons:: What to do with all of those buttons that come with your pants and shirts??? Worried to toss them in case your fly pops loose and you can't replace that one of a kind button anywhere? Try keeping them in a cute little jar and place on a shelf in your closet or displayed on a dresser. 

button jars, button organizing

4. Stationary:: If you are anything like us, you long for the days of receiving beautifully handwritten notes from a friend or finding the time to write one yourselves. Maybe if we had something like the picture below we would be more inspired to find the time to write to a long lost pen pal. 

stationary organizing, stationary storage, diy stationary

Now that we have a few of the small things covered, feel free to let us know what areas of your home cause you to sweat! We're happy to provide NEAT tips!


the NEAT girls

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