Tip Tuesday :: Time for a Vacation!

Seems like we here at NEAT have traveling on the brain! Maybe it's because we've just opened our doors in Washington DC and South Florida and we are dying for a visit! 🙂

A trip is always exciting, but packing for it can be a pain and is typically put off until the very last minute. With that said, people tend to always neglect packing their carry-on bag correctly. And did you know, this is probably the most important bag you'll have?? A very wise old woman (aka Heather's grandmother) taught her to pack anything important or valuable in a carry-on, since it will never leave your side during your travels.

So the next time you are packing your carry-on bag the night before your flight departs, a few of our favorite organizational tips and items just may help get you through your trip!

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First and foremost, what bag to use as a carry-on?  We absolutely adore the Lo & Sons O.M. bag. We know we talk about it "all the time," but honestly you'll never find a NEAT girl without one!

lo & sons bag, travel bag, good carryon bag, lo & sons

Always remember to pack your makeup and toothbrush in your carry-on bag. God forbid you never see your checked bag again (fingers crossed) BUT just incase it is “lost” for a day or two, at least you can always brush your teeth and have a new face to reapply! 

Our Ash never travels away from home without this super cute Kate Spade cosmetic bag.

kate spade make up bag, makeup bag, traveling bag, carryon bag

For the same reason, we always recommend packing your finest and most sentimental jewelry in something like this bag in your carry on.

jewelry organizer, jewelry case, traveling with jewelry

Who says great things don't come in small packages? This minimergency kit has just about anything you could ever need in a pinch. Now, you can always be prepared for travel’s little hick-ups!

minimergency kit

A few other things that seem like common sense to pack, but for some reason always get left behind on accident: your cell phone charger, camera charger, any medications, and maybe even your retainer?? (nerd alert!)

So now that we've shared our little traveling carry-on secrets, we hope your next trip will be a little more NEATly organized!


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