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As Professional Organizers, we are constantly faced with life's hardest questions (sarcasm).  In all seriousness, NEAT pays close attention to even the smallest of details in our clients' home so that they can enjoy the 'perks' of an organized life.  WE, at NEAT, thought that it would be fun to share some of these questions with you.  We will also give you our opinion to the dilemmas we are faced with while organizing.  Please feel free to share your opinion with us! xo NEAT

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SHOES!!!!  Whould they face out…



We have run into this questions while organizing MANY times.  In pictures, I think we can all agree that shes facing out look AMAZING!!  Shoes can be so photogenic can't they?? After testing both ways, here are some things that NEAT has learned that we wanted to share with you:

1.  Nothing looks better faced out than a cute pair of heels or a sleek pair of dress shoes BUT what about the running shoes?  We can tell you that if you you have the space, and it is mostly at eye level they should all face out.  If your shoe space is higher up, the running shoes are better facing in so that you can grab them easier.

2.  Shoes that are facing in are easier to pull out when you need them however shoes facing out  are easy to find when you are looking for a specific pair.  

NEAT's Conclusion:  Shoes facing out will always 'look' better however, you need to do what works best for your closet.  If you have a walk-in closet with adjustable wooden shelves, you should definitely have your shoes facing out.  However, not everyone can have their dream closet so if your shoes fit better facing in on a shelf that is hard to reach than do it.  Function must take priority when working in a small space.

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