Home Organizing

Our clients typically fall into one (or two) of these three categories. There are many reasons you may need a little NEAT in your life!

Too Little Time, Too Much to Do::

This is a classic reason to call. You are actually quite organized and love everything about home organization. The problem is, between kids, work, or a combination of the two there isn’t time to get it all done. That’s where we come in!

Time to Purge::

If your closets are bursting at the seams and you don’t know where to begin, we are here for you! Let us help you make those difficult decisions on what to keep, donate and consign. Then we will implement organizational solutions to help you sustain your organized home.

Transitions on the Horizon::

Is someone moving in? Out? Do you have a baby coming soon? We help you transition existing spaces to function for new purposes. Think home office turned into a nursery or a full closet prepped to be cut in half so someone special can share it with you. 

Neat Method


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