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Professional Organizers In South Florida

Marissa Hagmeyer

Marisa Hagmeyer, Fort Lauderdale Home Organizing, Miami Home Organizing, South Florida Home Organizing, Boca Home Organizing, Palm Beach Home Organizing
MARISSA HAGMEYER. Director of Marketing for NEAT Method and our SOUTH FLORIDA Home Organizer. Born in the MILE HIGH state, but raised in CHICAGO. Sick of the cold and ready for an ADVENTURE, now calls Florida home. MARRIED to her high school sweetheart and cherishes her time with him and her sweet BABY Hazel. Enjoyed her studies in GRAPHIC DESIGN, but prefers a day of ORGANIZING. Relishes starting her day with a JOG along the Atlantic or in a YOGA class. Can be found searching for SPICY recipes in Cooks Illustrated or Bon Appétit. Not that good at JOKES and blames it on her fear of clowns. As the OLDEST of three she has always run the show, making her the MASTER of PLANNING.

Tatiana Blanco

Tatiana Blanco, Miami Professional Organizer, Home Organizer

TATIANA BLANCO. Our licensed MIAMI Home Organizer. Born in SPAIN but spent most of her years in the Sunshine State. Happened to meet her husband while studying abroad and is now a proud MOTHER of two. Fully BI-LINGUAL, but finds she and her family speak mostly Spanglish at home. A thrill-seeker at heart and devoted to all things YOGA. Known to be the first on the DANCE floor when music comes on. WINE aficionado but never shies away from champagne… or tequila! Launched a CUPCAKE business in Spain after the craze hit the States. Loves nothing more than the reaction people get once their space is transformed, making her the MASTER of STRESS-FREE LIVING!

Kris White

kris white, professional organizer, south florida, neat method

KRIS WHITE. South Florida Lead Organizer. Raised in MARYLAND but has been a native to Florida for over twenty years. An identical TWIN that loves nothing more than spending time with her FAMILY. Her pride and joy is her DAUGHTER Casey. Worked 20 years in the LEGAL field and has been ready for a change for the past 19 years. A fan of movies, CONCERTS and TAILGATING. A busy body by nature, but can often times be found relaxing on a BEACH. Would be at her happiest if she could watch the SUNSET everyday. Finds such joy in rearranging furniture making her the MASTER of SPACE PLANNING.

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