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5 NEAT Halloween Crafts

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We believe even holiday decorations can be stylish and NEAT. There are so many options for chic Halloween […]
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San Diego, Organized, Katie Koentje, white dresser, before and after

As we kiss October goodbye and fall back into November (literally this Saturday night change back your clocks!) […]
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Besides the fact that this picture is absolutely adorable, we have a feeling we know why this little […]
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Happy October 1st from the NEAT girls! Depending on the area of the world you live, this time […]
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Tip Tuesday:: Halloween Candy Storage

monogram, monogrammed burlap baskets, basket, burlap basket, fabric basket, plants, green plants

Not only is today Tip Tuesday, but it also marks one week until Halloween! Since we are a […]
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Tip Tuesday:: Trick-or-NEAT

halloween, halloween decor, halloween decorations, trick or treat, halloween pumpkins, pumpkins, decorated pumpkins, carving pumpkins, carved pumpkins, painted pumpkins, decorating for halloween

Happy October!! Welcome to our NEAT Treats for this Halloween… Ever feel disappointed when the cash register rings […]
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