Tuesday 09.01.15

Tip Tuesday:: How to Pack for Labor Day

With Labor Day right around the corner, we asked NEAT Chicago's summer intern, Jordana, for her best tips and tricks to packing the PERFECT bag. Here's what she had to say...

Ready for an end of summer weekend getaway?! NEAT has got some helpful tips to make your packing days a little easier!
Tip 1:: The last thing to go in your suitcase is usually the much needed toiletry bag. Try to keep your toiletries travel-sized for a quick trip (with the EXCEPTION of sunscreen! You can never get enough of that!). It’s a major space saver! 
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Tip 2:: Try your best to not overpack, we know that can be hard but it’s a lifesaver! One thing that takes up a ton of space is shoes! We know it’s hard to choose, but for a beach getaway one easy pair of sandals is all you need! You can wear them to the beach all day through going out at night!

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Tip 3: Roll your clothes! It saves a ton of space and it doesn’t create unwanted wrinkles! This is a huge game changer for making enough space in a suitcase! 

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Thanks for the fun tips, Jordana. Happy travels friends!


the NEAT girls

Thursday 08.27.15

5 of Our New Favorite Products You Can't Live Without

There are certain times in an organizer's life that she just gets bored using the same products again and again. At NEAT, we are always looking for new, fun products to implement in our client's homes but also share with you! Today, we've rounded up five of our latest favorites::

#1 :: CB2's corner hanging bar. We have seen some seriously small spaces that require some creative ideas when it comes to getting more hanging space. CB2 has officially made our lives easier with this solution. We also love the gold hardware!

CB2, hanging bar, corner hanging bar, storage solution, extra hanging, extra storage, home organization, home design, home style, home organizing

#2 :: The NOBODINOZ storage bag from Fawn Shoppe. Sometimes you just need to clean up your kids towns and get them out of the way. This bag is perfect for stuffed animals, legos, trains, dolls... should we go on? We love the handles and drawstring closure making it easy to transport.

Fawn Shoppe, kids storage, toy storage, home organization, home organizing, home design, home style

#3 :: The La Jolla Bin from Serena and Lily. We have all seen the Ikea Expedit (Now called Kallax WHAT?!) shelving unit. These bins can be used to amp up the style of these super functional cubbies. 

Serena and Lily, baskets, cute baskets for kids, storage solutions, baskets for kids toys, kids storage, pink basket, blue basket, yellow basket

#4 :: The Savannah Lidded Baskets from Pottery Barn. We love that these can be used for items that are season but still kept in the closet. It helps keeps items free of dust during the off season. 

Pottery Barn, Closet, master closet, kids closet, storage, shoe storage, clothing storage, basket, basket with a lid, labeled baskets, home organization, home organizing, professional organizing, home design, home style

#5 :: The GLAMdivide by GLAMboxes which can be found at The Organizing Store! This makes your favorite clutches look so great in your closet but can also be used to display kids art if you want to get creative!

glamboxes, glamdivide, acrylic divider, purse organizer, home organization, home organizing, home style, home design, professional organizer, closet organization, accessory organization

Have a product you think we should know about? Email us at info(at)neatmethod(dot)com!


the NEAT girls

Tuesday 08.25.15

Tip Tuesday:: Baby Registry Must Haves

Here at NEAT, we have a few "Pro's" when it comes to all things baby. The registry can hands down be the hardest part of preparing to bring your bundle of joy home. There is a fine, fine line between EXCESSIVE baby gear and just enoughgi Lucky for you, we are sharing 10 items that MUST be on your registry if they aren't already!

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#1 :: Ladies, meet the Dria Cover. This serves as a nursing top but also a carseat or stoller cover while your baby is sleeping. It's honestly the best three in one out there!

#2 :: The Haba Play Gym is a modern take on the standard playmat. You can put any toy you want on it for your baby to play with while they are on their back. The best part is, it can be broken down so it can easily be stored.

#3 :: A nice wood teether is a must. It will help with their motor skills early on and when they begin to teeth, it will be their favorite thing to chew!

#4 :: A fun, classic, toy. This particular toy is colorful, lightweight, and even makes sounds when it is moved. There are so many parts to grab on to which make it fun for baby. Plus it is DURABLE!

#5 :: Baby bandanas are the new bibs. Consider when your baby begins the teething process and is constantly drooling. He/she can permanently be in a bib.... OR a stylish bandana. We love the ones from Alexandra Rose Handmade. 

#6 :: A sleep sack is on every NEAT Mom's short list. Let us paint a picture:: First a baby rolls, then crawls and sits up, then stands THEN makes an attempt to escape out of the crib at nap time. Now imagine trying to escape out of bed with a sleep sack on... much harder, right? You're welcome!

#7 :: The Solly Baby wrap is very popular right now, and we know why. It is super light weight so you don't sweat carrying your litter heater around, AND because it is made of a simple fabric, it is easy to travel with AND CLEAN!

#8 :: A traveling changing station might be the most used item on this list. This one by Skip Hop is a great pattern and super compact so it can easily be added to a diaper bag OR clipped on your stroller. 

#9 :: If you travel at all, the Baby Bjorn portable crib (or pack-n-play) is hands down your best option. It is a bit more expensive than the others but it is SO LIGHT and beyond simple to set up which is worth every penny in the end!

#10 :: Last but not least, these knit car rattles from Land of Nod are a must! Between hanging them in the car, on your baby's wrist, or on your new baby play gym, these are so fun to have! They are also machine washable which really makes life simple.


We wish all you Mom's to be out there the best pregnancies, and happy registering!


the NEAT girls

Thursday 08.20.15

Creating the Perfect Command Center at Home

It is that time of the year when school is back in session (or close) and the papers coming in from school and schedule for sports and other extra curricular activities are out of control. Lucky for you, NEAT has made a few AMAZING command centers and today we are going share how to make the perfect one for your home! In Scottsdale, Mika made this amazing chalkboard calendar in her client's mud room.

home command center, chalkboard, home office, family calendar, home organization, home organizing, home style, Scottsdale, Phoenix, Mika Perry

When we asked Mika about her serious skills, she had these words of advice::

1. You MUST get the chisel tip marker from The Container Store in order to make this work. The chisel tip was key for the lettering and getting a thicker line. 

2. Keep it simple. The more bells and whistles in this case, the worse. If there are too many cubbies and sections, your important information is bound to get lost. 

container store, marker, chalkboard marker, chalkboard pen, home organization, home organizing, organizing

Has she left you inspired to create your own center? If you need a bit more of a nudge, we have found FREE PRINTABLE menu planners and chore charts!

family menu, free printable, printable, menu planner, food planning, home organization, home style, home organizing, organizer




chore charts, chore list, free printable, printable, home organization, home style, home organizing, organizer, professional organizer

We can't wait to see your command centers when you are complete! Share pics with us on instagram.


the NEAT girls

Image 3 :: Image 4 :: 

Tuesday 08.18.15

Tip Tuesday:: 4 Pieces to Organize a Home on a Budget

We know that creating a space that is beautiful AND organized can be tough on a budget. The NEAT girls are here for you! Although we DO NOT consider ourselves interior designers, there are a few pieces that we would suggest you consider if you are trying to create an organized home/apartment on a budget... First up is an ottoman WITH storage.  This one from One Kings Lane is the perfect example. Nothing beats a place to put your feet and a place to store blankets, kids toys, magazines etc. 

one kings lane, ottoman, storage ottoman, vintage ottoman, furniture, family room, organize, home organization, home organizing

Speaking of the family room. If you need extra seating but don't have the extra cash, consider the ever popular pouf. Imagine putting a tray on it and having it double as seating or a coffee table. We like this STEAL from Target

pouf, target, cheap pouf, inexpensive pouf, chevron pouf, home style, home design, home decor

Looking for an entryway solution? Skip the expensive table and go for a solution that hangs on the wall. It is perfect for keys, mail and a few coats (depending on how well you hang it). We found this super affordable one at World Market.

world market, cost plus world market, wall hooks, wall storage, mail storage, key storage, home storage, home design, home style, home organization, home organizing

Finally, consider buying this CB2 ladder. We can think of a million ways to use it and we will share a few... a place to hold magazines and blankets in a family room, a place for jewerly in a bedroom, or a place for towels in a bathroom. 

CB2, ladder, styled ladder, home ladder, functional ladder, cheap ladder, home organization, home organizing, home style, home design

Hopefully this helps you live the NEAT life on any budget!! 


the NEAT girls

Thursday 08.13.15

City Recap:: Check out What's Been Happening

It seems like ages ago since we last checked in with our NEAT girls. We thought it would be fun to take a peek into the NEAT life in our cities. Brooke got to enjoy this amazing city view from a client's home in Chicago. There's never an issue working from sun up to sun down when it looks like this.

Chicago, Skyline, Brooke Ruder, NEAT MEthod, sunset, dusk, twilight

In Columbus, Julia has been very busy! Between NEAT clients and the German Village Home and Garden tour she still found enough time support Dress for Success at several fun events this summer!

Columbus, Julia Purdy, NEAT Method, Professional organizer, home organizer, home organization, event, red carpet, fundraiser

In Michigan, Lauren got down to business in this storage space. These lucky clients will never misplace their favorite outdoor toys again!

Michigan, Lauren Combs, Garage, shelving unit, storage bins, labels, containers, toys, organization, home organization, professional organizer, home organizer, home organization

Maria has been consistantly working on organizing closets this summer in New York. Here was one of the more recent spaces she completed. Did we mention how happy we are to be in NYC?! 

Maria Kontovas, New York, New York City, Professional organizer, home organizer, home organization, closet, reach in closet, closet design, modern closet

In San Diego, Katie worked on this kids' play space. The client wanted the toys to be kept in a subtle simple way - we think she totally achieved that!

Katie Koentje, San Diego, Ikea, Expedit, home organizer, home organization, home organizing, professional organizer, home design, home style

In San Francisco, Lisa took advantage of the the Costco Hanger sale (they were seriously the lowest price we have ever seen!) with her little daughter, Bea. She seems like the perfect shopping buddy!

San Francisco, Costco, baby, hangers, luxury hangers, best hangers, closet hangers, closet design, closet style, Lisa Ruff, car seat, baby girl,

What would a NEAT post be like without a baby bump update from our Scottsdale NEAT girl, Mika!? It doesn't get any cuter than this...

Mika Perry, Scottsdale, Phoenix, baby bump, cute mom, cute bump, pregnant, baby, maternity

Despite the growing bump, Mika has been hard at work making even the male clientele addicted to NEAT. Check out this awesome Before and After of this guy's closet space. 

Mika Perry, Scottsdale, Phoenix, before and after, man closet, man cave, man's space, closet installation, closet with drawers,

Finally, despite the muggy hot summer temperatures in South Florida, Marissa has still been putting in long hours in a client's garage. We'd say the time paid off! How beautiful is this garage organization system?? Can you believe we just said beautiful and garage in the same sentence!? 

Marissa Hagmeyer, Garage installation, garage organization, garage design, organized garage, South Florida, Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, Boca, South Beach, metal garage organization, modern garage organization, elfa, container store

Hope you have had a great week so far! Tomorrow is Friday!!


the NEAT girls


Tuesday 08.11.15

Tip Tuesday:: What a NEAT Girl Says You MUST do by the End of Summer

Summer is almost over. Yes - we just gave you the cold, hard, facts. BUT there is still time to check some things off of your, "Summer Must-Do" list. The NEAT girls have given their their advice on how you should spend the last days of summer. Brooke in Chicago says you cannot miss going to an outdoor concert or music festival. Lolla Palooza just ended in Chicago but it's not too late to check for local events!

Chicago, Lolla Palooza, music festival, summer, chicago events, outdoor concerts, music, activities,

Julia in Columbus wants to make sure you do not miss a beautiful sunset by the lake. She took this picture earlier this summer at Lake Erie!

Columbus, Lake Erie, sunset, water, beach, dusk, twilight, Julia Purdy

In Michigan, Lauren wants you to try something new! Her daughter, Perry opted to taste test sand (not recommended!)

Lauren Combs, Michigan, Perry Combs, beach towel, surfboards, baby, baby girl, beach hat, sand,

Maria has had a chance to get on a sailboat this summer in New York and suggests you don't miss out! 

New York, Maria Kontovas, sailboat, bay, Hudson Bay, Hamptons, yacht, summer, water, beach

In San Diego, Katie says it's not summer unless you've had at least one day at the beach - we agree!

Katie Koentje, beach, baby, baby boy, summer, sand, ocean, waves, mom, mother son,

In South Florida, Marissa agrees with Katie, execpt she thinks your beach should have a beautiful palm tree to rest up against and enjoy some shade... 

Marissa Hagmeyer, South Florida, beach, palm trees, south beach, miami, Ft Lauderdale,

In Arizona, you can't beat the heat in the summer so Mika says if you haven't already, enjoy a splash pad!

Mika Perry, Scottsdale, Phoenix, splash pad, water park, little girl, summer, swimsuit

Finally, Lisa in San Francisco says a summer isn't complete without a big, juicy piece of watermelon. We couldn't agree more. 

Lisa Ruff, San Francisco, Little girl, watermelon, summer, fruit,

We hope enjoy the end of your summer and check a few of our ideas off your list!


the NEAT girls

Thursday 08.06.15

10 Things you Must Have for Your Last minute Summer Vacation to the Beach

We are more than half way through the summer months but it's never too late to take a trip to the beach! The NEAT girls love to be prepared for any/all travel so today we are sharing our top 10 beach MUST HAVES. 

Everything but water, hat attack, Coola sunscreen, The Beach People, Polaroid Camera, Urban Outfitters, LifeProof Phone case, iPhone case, TOMS, TOMS sunglasses, sunglasses, One Truffle S'well, Lip balm, water bottle, chap stick, lip gloss, SPF, Beach

1:: The perfect boho bag. We love this one because it can go straight from lunch with friends to the beach!

2:: Nothing beats shades that support a cause! These Toms sunglasses look good and when purchased, Toms will help a person with visual imparments. 

3:: Allure Magazine named this one of the best lip balms out there - we agree!

4:: Nothing ruins a beach day quite like a water logged phone. Never let that happen again with a LifeProof phone case.

5:: The S'well bottle will keep your water cold during a long, hot day at the beach! 

6:: You know the NEAT girls can't go anywhere without their Clarity Pouch from One Truffle. It's a perfect way to keep your favorite items sand free!

7:: This mini polaroid camera is our favorite way to capture photos (outside of instagram of course!) 

8:: There is no better way to enjoy the beach than on a soft, beautifully printed beach towel. The Beach People have got us wanting one in every style!

9:: Keep your face looking young but avoiding those direct rays in this stylish (and affordable) beach hat!

10:: Finally we love a natural product and Coola offers that with their reliable and wonderfully scented suncreen!

Enjoy your day at the beach!


the BEACH NEAT girls

Tuesday 08.04.15

Tip Tuesday :: 4 Back to School Items you Need to Get Now!

We are officially in the month of August which means it is that time of year that all parents love and kids hate - Back to School! Here are four things that we are NOT passing up as we prepare for the most organized school year yet! First, let's start with the basics - a backpack. There is a fine line between pockets, and too many pockets. Hanna Andersson has created the perfect backpack for school this year!

Hanna Andersson, backpack, kids backpack, geometric backpack, green blue gray backpack, backpack with pockets, boys backpack, unisex backpack, back to school, school prep

The most important thing inside that backpack is your child's lunch!! This lunchbox from Land of Nod has the convenient outside pouch for a water bottle which is a must! It also has combined style with function in a way that will leave both parents and kids happy.

lunch box, geometric lunch box, unisex lunch box, functional lunch box, land of nod, lunch cooler, back to school,

If you missed our earlier post this summer about NameBubbles, now's your chance to jump on the bandwagon. These things cannot be missed when thinking about back to school this year. If you would like to spend less time searching through the lost and found and re- buying items that have gone  missing, we suggest you put these at the TOP of your list!

Name Bubbles, Labels, dishwasher safe labels, washer safe labels, laundry safe labels, kids, organizing, kids labels, custom labels, kids toys, toy organizing, clothing labels, bottle labels, stickers, kids stickers, home organizing, home organization, organizing, professional organizer

And finally, we cannot resist a new item from Crewcuts at JCrew. This is a jacket that can easily be stuffed into a backpack for a field trip. While wearing this fun orange color, your child will be easy to spot during the pick up line at the end of a school day. **Added BONUS -this jacket is a unisex color making it a perfect hand-me-down!**

JCrew, Crewcuts, jacket, orange jacket, wind breaker, boys jacket, girls jacket, back to school, unisex jacket, hooded jacket, kids jacket

We're excited to make the 2015/2016 school year the best one yet! 


the NEAT girls


Thursday 07.30.15

How to Donate and do Twice the Good

At NEAT Method, we are always down for completing tasks that, "Kill Two Birds With One Stone" so to speak. For example, organizing your closet will make it easier to get dressed in the morning AND will help you spend less since you will know exactly what you have. 

women's closet, dream closet, dream space, organizing, organizer, professional organizer, closet organization, consignment, how to consign clothes, donating, donating clothes, NEAT, DIY, rainbow

Enter Fashion Project. This company is trying to do good while you are in the mood to donate. Send your clothes to Fashion Project and up to 55% of the proceeds will go to a charitable cause. 

Fashion Project, Charity, Fund Raising, start up, blog, clothing, clothing swap, clothing donation, brand, luxury brands, resale, consignment,

Some of the amazing charities they have helped fund are: She's the First, NEADS, and Women's Global Empowerment Fund

charity, non profit, donation, giving, charitable cause

If you aren't convinced that this is your new favorite way to eliminate unwanted items in your closet, let us give you one more reason to love this company. It was started by two women. Sound familiar?? :) Now get eliminating!


the NEAT girls


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