3 Easy Organizing Projects for a 3 Day Weekend

Thursday, February 8, 2024

Make the most of the extended weekend with simple home projects that will streamline your daily routines. Avoid overwhelm by tackling just one project each day. Pro-tip: Organize as a team with your partner (or whoever shares that space with you). This will give you the opportunity to pinpoint their needs. In some cases you might draw a metaphorical line to divide the space, but in others you may need to come to a compromise.

1. Coat Closet

Whether you store hats, coats, shoes, gift wrap or all of the above - this space is typically shared with everyone in your household. Together with your partner, pull everything out and sort it all by type. Then, determine whether the contents are supporting both of your needs for the space. Relocate anything that doesn't belong before determining a location for the rest. Prioritize items most frequently accessed while also taking into consideration the height of those accessing them. If you can, place items higher for the taller person. Finalize the space by adding personalized labels as needed. 

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2. Multi-Purpose Drawer

Multi-purpose drawers should be a place to quickly access go-to household tools and supplies. Anything that isn't used regularly is just taking up space and adding to the chaos. Simplify by emptying the drawer before sorting it all with your partner. Decide together which items to prioritize and relocate or toss the rest. If you can't agree on what those items should be, split the drawer down the middle. Have an extra drawer? Consider dedicating one drawer to each of you, utilizing the same approach. Again, simple should be the main focus here for the most functional use of space. 

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3. Toiletries

Working with a drawer, shelf, or cabinet? Whatever the easiest to access space in your bathroom is, it should be dedicated to everyday use toiletries for you and your partner. This typically includes things like toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant and contact lenses. If you're lucky enough to have separate vanities, there's no need to involve your partner. However, if you're sharing that top drawer, you'll need to divvy up the space. Corral all the toiletries you both use every day. Then, based on the amount of space available in that top drawer or medicine cabinet, decide how many items each of you can fit. This doesn't have to be evenly split as some people have very minimal routines. Make it work for both of you. 

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