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NEAT Method began when founders, ASHLEY MURPHY and MOLLY GRAVES met while shopping in San Francisco. Both had recently been uprooted from Chicago and relocated to the City by the Bay. Some would call it FATE, that they had much more in common than their sweet home of Chicago.

Instantly FRIENDS, Ashley and Molly discovered their mutual affinity for creating clutter-free and ORGANIZED spaces within their homes. Over glasses of California vino, they discussed the ins and outs of what this mutual passion could look like as a BUSINESS. These career driven women were determined to HELP people find a new appreciation for an organized life.

NEAT Method was therefore developed to bring a FRESH new face to the organizing industry. With a strong focus on creating uniquely personalized SYSTEMS, they created a METHOD that transformed a space from chaotic to COMPOSED for an array of clientele. From the clutter-prone Chanel hoarder to the meticulous, overbooked Bachelor, clients became addicted to the NEAT LIFE.

Once they realized the impact this method had, the time was right for NEAT to open its doors in more locations. This once small idea is now a MULTI-CITY business with expansion opportunities available to others who revel in folding, filing, and color-coding. As NEAT grows, the core VALUE of the company will remain – helping others live NEAT.

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Meet Our Team ::

Ashley Murphy

Co-Founder & CEO

Molly Graves


Marissa Hagmeyer

Co-Owner & CMO
ASHLEY MURPHY. Founder of NEAT Method. Was raised in the BUCKEYE State. Went to college with the HOOSIERS. Will forever be smitten with the city of CHICAGO. A true Midwestern GIRL through and through. Completely adores her FAMILY and FRIENDS. Never starts or ends her day without her cherry ChapStick. Is a sucker for ROMANTIC comedies. Claims to know all the state capitals. Crazy about SUMMER weather and outdoor dining. Longs for the days of BOATING on Lake Cumberland. Obsessed with PILATES and has been known to teach it over the years. Loves nothing more than COOKING a healthy meal, making her the MASTER of KITCHENS.
MOLLY GRAVES. Founder of NEAT Method. Was born and raised outside of CHICAGO. Prefers a CITY over the suburbs. Absolutely cherishes the memories of being at ‘the cabin’ with her FAMILY. Became a LEFTY after she broke her right arm. Earned the 4th FASTEST RUNNER trophy when she insisted she play on her brother's baseball team. Enjoys sipping LATTES or SPARKLING ROSE. Loves the challenge of a RUN with hills. Lets her COLLEGE SWEETHEART husband pick the movies because she never stays awake. PASSIONATELY became a teacher after college and is now the MASTER of KIDS ROOMS.
MARISSA HAGMEYER. Co-Owner and CMO. Born in the MILE HIGH state, but raised in CHICAGO. Sick of the cold and ready for an ADVENTURE, now calls Florida home. MARRIED to her high school sweetheart and cherishes her time with him and her sweet BABY Hazel. Enjoyed her studies in GRAPHIC DESIGN, but prefers a day of ORGANIZING. Relishes starting her day with a JOG along the Atlantic or in a YOGA class. Can be found searching for SPICY recipes in Cooks Illustrated or Bon Appétit. Not that good at JOKES and blames it on her fear of clowns. As the OLDEST of three she has always run the show, making her the MASTER of PLANNING.

Lisa Ruff

Director of Business Development

Katie Koentje

Director of Recruiting

Carey Watson

Director of Franchise Operations
LISA RUFF. Director of BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT. Born in MICHIGAN, a true Wolverine at heart—Go Blue! Destined for NEAT, for in only 3 months she graduated from LAW SCHOOL, moved across the country, married her LOVE and passed the CA BAR. Legitimately thinks LEOPARD print is a neutral. Firm believer that the only thing a girl needs to set herself straight is a stiff glass of chocolate MILK or chilled glass of ROSE. Known for making a sinful brownie—just ask the neighborhood MAMA group she started. An avid READER, making her the MASTER of BOOKSHELVES.
KATIE B. KOENTJE. Owner of NEAT Method SAN DIEGO/ORANGE COUNTY and Director of RECRUITING. Born and raised in NORTHERN VIRGINIA. Fell in love with BEACH living while at UNC Wilmington. After years of being mistaken as a "California Girl", made it official by moving to SAN DIEGO. Crazy about her HUSBAND, obsessed with their DOG Roxy, and absolutely head over heels in love with being a MOMMA. Starts her day with a spoonful of "NuttZo" and ends it with a glass of VINO. Can be found walking the beach, practicing BARRE or downward dogging in YOGA. Enjoys dining out and time with FAMILY AND FRIENDS. Finds peace in HELPING others become organized. Lover of fashion, making her the MASTER of CLOSETS.
CAREY WATSON. Director of Franchise Operations. Grew up in ATLANTA and has the sweetest southern accent to prove so. Still puts it to good use in DALLAS, Texas. Has 3 TEENAGERS that are her heart and soul. Daydreams about living in NYC one day. Never leaves home without packets of SWEET N LOW in her purse. Finds empowerment in wielding a DRILL and putting things together with instructions. Drops everything for a GIRLS TRIP with her besties. Listens to about 10 Audible BOOKS a month. SINGS on any stage that will have her. Has never gone a calendar year without rearranging FURNITURE in at least one room of her house. Making her the MASTER of SPACE PLANNING.

Jill Crylen

Executive Assistant

Chelsea Thomas

Director of Social Media

Lauren Combs

Product Director & Owner of NEAT Method DETROIT
JILL CRYLEN. EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT. Born and raised in the Chicago suburbs but now calls SAINT LOUIS home. MARRIED to one sweet man for 35+ years, with three adult children. Lives to spend every minute possible with her adorable GRANDCHILDREN. As a self-proclaimed FOODIE, she can be found sampling at all the newest restaurants in town. Loves a big, bold CABERNET and international TRAVEL. Dreams of taking her entire family on an African SAFARI. Has conquered 18 moves, including one to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, making her the MASTER of MOVES.
CHELSEA THOMAS. Born and raised in Utah’s DIXIE where she learned to love dry desert heat. Spent time in Salt Lake City before settling down in Los Angeles where she lives with her husband and husky mix, OLIVE. Favorite pastimes include CAMPING and going to the beach. Fan of all music, but would always choose CELINE DION over anyone. Has an unhealthy addiction to Boba MILK TEA. Intrigued by all things FRENCH; baguettes, cheese, name it. Never leaves the house without a pair of EARRINGS. Has a not-so-guilty pleasure of PINTEREST and GREETING CARDS. A CREATIVE at heart with talents in CALLIGRAPHY and GRAPHIC DESIGN, making her the MASTER of LABELS.
LAUREN COMBS. PRODUCT DIRECTOR & Owner of NEAT Method DETROIT. Born and raised in CINCINNATI. The second oldest of FOUR GIRLS. Wouldn’t trade anything for being a MOM or spending time with her dog, Josie. Considers the perfect vacation any day on the beaches of CALIFORNIA or the lakes of Michigan. Can often be found behind an easel or preparing a GOURMET meal. Tempted by wine, but a BEER girl at heart! Wishes Pequod’s Chicago PIZZA was on every menu. Admires all things ART, architecture, and furniture design, having worked in the industry for the past 18 years. A natural eye for DETAIL, making her the MASTER of PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT.

Brooke Nieman


Julia Purdy


Ashley Hatcher

BROOKE NIEMAN. Midwest REGIONAL DIRECTOR. Born and raised in the burbs of CHI CITY. Went to school with the LONGHORNS and returns to Austin any chance she gets. Lover of everything related to EDUCATION. So much so, she went back to school for nursing and still holds her RN license. Can find her buried in a book any chance she gets. Otherwise enjoys a good CONCERT or PILATES session. Relishes in her time with FAMILY and FRIENDS. Has a serious SWEET tooth. Black licorice is her go to fav. Obsessed with making lists and all things paper, making her the MASTER of OFFICES
JULIA PURDY. Southeast REGIONAL DIRECTOR. Born and raised a BUCKEYE, but recently traded in her snow boots for sandals and moved to sunny Sarasota, FL. Graduated from Wittenberg University. The OLDEST of nine in a blended family. Unwinds on the PELOTON, a YOGA mat or ends her day with a dirty MARTINI. Has been known to bust out a 90’s RAP or R&B tune when appropriate. Spends her free time BOATING with her two dogs and high school sweetheart husband. READS everything from food labels to instruction manuals making her the MASTER of PLANNING.
ASHLEY HATCHER. NORTHEAST REGIONAL DIRECTOR & Owner of NEAT Method WASHINGTON DC. A proud, born and raised, TEXAN but yells GEAUX TIGERS on Saturday nights. Moved to MARYLAND after meeting her charming husband at a wedding. Teased for having more “BEST FRIENDS” than anyone. Admits to wishing BEYONCE was one of them. Known as being the PRACTICAL girl in the bunch with everything except shopping. Loves her SWEET TEA, carbs and strawberry DAIQUIRIS. Revels in TRAVELING. Especially anywhere that has a BEACH, even though she rarely gets in the water. Holds a degree in FASHION and is guilty for putting that knowledge to good use. SHOES and DENIM are her weaknesses, but it makes her the MASTER of CLOSETS.

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