NEAT Retreat : Kimberly Tan

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Over the next few months, we’re thrilled to introduce you to several collaborators that will take part in our first ever wellness event the NEAT Retreat – a wellness event in San Francisco. With our expert guest speakers, NEAT will show you how being organized can be the catalyst for endless positive change in many aspects of your life. When you live organized, there is much more space for living well in other areas of your life and we are going to show you exactly how to make simple changes that have huge impact.

We are honored to now introduce you to our friend Kimberly Tan who will be sharing her expertise as a skin and beauty expert.

Please introduce yourself to the NEAT community.

I’m Kimberly Tan, Founder and CEO of skinSALVATION, San Francisco’s first holistic adult acne skincare clinic. I was raised by a single mother who always reminded me to listen to my body, take care of myself and wash my face when I got home from school. Especially as a teenager, it was super annoying at the time but lo and behold, I am now getting paid to tell people to do just that. Talk about turning into your mother – ha!

What space of your home is the most organized? Why?

I think everything in my home is organized (I got it from my mama), but I’d have to say the most meticulously organized would be my kitchen. It’s super small and as an avid cook, I have a lot of utensils, ingredients and tools that I need to be easily found. I cook most of my meals, so it’s most efficient when I have basic ingredients prepped and know exactly where everything is to quickly assemble my meals. There is nothing more discouraging or frustrating than looking for a thingamajig while you are hungry!

The second-most organized spacewould be my bathroom – because my products are so pared down, it’s simple and thus, already organized.

What does organization mean to you in your profession?

Organization means keeping things as absolutely true, simple and straightforward as possible! The less crap you have to sift through, the simpler and more high quality life naturally becomes.

We specialize in adult acne, and there are A TON of products + diets + medications + etc out there marketed towards this (read: marketed but not necessarily effective). With all the study, in-clinic research and case studies over the last 10 years within my practice, my team and I have been able to separate what actually works and what doesn’t. We help those product-junkie clients with 239 products pare their routine down to a basic 4-8, along with the lifestyle/dietary plan we’ve seen that works to get and keep acne under control.

Our ultimate goal is to empower people with tools to get a healthy body and clear skin, so people can instead obsess over all the other beautiful and meaningful things in life there are to enjoy 🙂

What’s one space you are excited about learning about how to organize at the NEAT Retreat and why?

I would love to learn how other women with even fuller lives than i (read: multiple businesses, kids) keep their s*** together: quick hacks. and not necessarily physical stuff, but all the stuff in our brains!

I have a lot of cooking stuff that to me looks like clutter – very organized and pared down clutter. What do I do with that or am I freaking out about nothing, if I have what I have and that’s just what it is?

I’d also love to learn about wardrobe capsule-ing. have a very monochrome palette I stick to and I’m starting to incorporate more colors/styles, but still find myself spending too much time figuring out which top goes with what bottom.

Can you tell our readers a little bit about a current project you’re working on.

I am working on myself! With a new perspective and sense of accountability – including minimizing my electronic usage, creating healthy sleeep habits and being easier on myself, and others.

I recently attended a personal growth seminar that highly raised my self-awareness, and with that I am living with more compassion, intention and integrity for my work and the people in my life. Though I live a very healthy lifestyle, I’m still super exhausted no matter how much rest I get. I’m actively working on decreasing stress and increasing grace.