The NEATest Colorado Laundry & Mudroom

Mudrooms and Laundry Rooms tend to be a place where everyone just plops their school backpacks, shoes, gear, etc. and then go about their day. If you live in Colorado, like our girl Allo Perry, your mudroom most likely looks like a small REI showroom, but not if you've had Allo over to organize. Here is a sneak peak at one of her recent projects, as well as, her tips on keeping even one of the most cluttered spaces in your home tidy!

Outdoor Gear :: Denverites tend to have a lot more outdoor gear than most cities due to the 300 days of sunshine and beautiful mountains. Bins are a perfect solution for storing all your ‘in house’ gear. Keep those skis, fishing rods and bikes in the garage. A few of our go-to categories for labeling bins include 'Camp & Hike', 'Sun & Rain', 'Snow & Ski'!

Winter Accessories :: Accessories sound like they would be small and minimal right? Well, this is not the case for enduring Colorado Winters. Hats, gloves, scarfs, leg warmers, neck warmers, goggles – we name it – you probably have it. Be sure to break down your winter accessories into multiple storage bins to ease the process of finding those perfect mittens to compliment your favorite parka.

Shoes/Boots :: Ski boots, soccer cleats, hiking shoes, Chacos, fly fishing boots, snow boots – the list is never ending for keeping those Colorado feet satisfied. Rotating shoes by season are a must for those living in the Mile High City. Snow is always possible, but when June rolls around it’s time for those bulky Sorels to take a rest out of sight.

Cleaning Supplies :: Cleaning is never fun, so you might as well make the entire process go as quick as possible. This can only happen if each of your cleaning supplies are organized by type and you can find exactly what you are looking for when you need it. Be sure to utilize the dreadful and awkward under the sink area for all your no so favorite items! Floor, Bathroom & Kitchen are great ways to categorize all those cleaning supplies.

Dog/Pet :: The Denver Ear just ranked Denver as one of the most Dog Friendly Cities in America and we believe it! Although dog hair is not necessarily NEAT, we do love our furry friends. Everyone feels like their pet is a member of their family so why shouldn’t they have their own bin?! Dog bins can hold leashes, poop bags, Ruffwear, toys and brushes. Honey, Baxter, Bentley, Mo Mo, The Dude, Homer, Jack and Bell are just some of our Denver client’s furry friends who are also now living the NEAT life. Don’t forget to bring your pup next time you head out to one of these Dog Friendly Breweries!

I hope these quick tips help you keep NEAT whether you are a fellow Coloradoan or just in need of a NEAT fix in your Laundry or Mudroom.

Allo ‘Organizing a Mile High’ Piller
NEAT Method Denver

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  • C-Dub

    Curious, why the double washer & dryer?

  • Alex T

    the laundry area in my house is easily the messies room by far. it’s like it has a mind of its own.. i clean it and tidy it and turn around and bam! it’s a mess again. i’m loving your quick tips and plan to put them to practice immediately. thanks for the info.i particularly like the cute little bins under the sink.

    Home and Yards

  • cristy jones

    Really neat and clean and i wolud love to have service from them.

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