The NEATest Kitchen Remodel

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Earlier this year, Mika had the opportunity to work with the team at AZ Build Pro to create a client's DREAM Kitchen. The process to create the stunning space was too good not to share! Below is what the kitchen looked like when they started their plans…

We asked Mika to give us the details of how this tag team effort was planned out from beginning to end in hopes to give you some insight if you are planning a kitchen remodel soon!

NM:: Mika, this space turned out so great! Tell us how this all got started.

MP:: One of the owners of AZ Build Pro, Jillian contacted me with a client that wanted to have drawer inserts and certain features of the kitchen truly customized for them. I did a consult, taking measurements and counts of the following::  pots and pans, lids, silverware, utensils, diameter of plates, size of baking dishes, and the type and count of small appliances.
It was also important to determine which ones they accessed the most, etc. as well as information from the client about the types of food they eat,  and how they use the kitchen. From this inventory, I concluded that they wanted things like a vegetable drawer so I have them ideas of what that might look like and where it would fit in the space. 
**Here's a picture of the space mid completion**

NM:: Wow! You certainly did a thorough job! It should be noted that this is the ONLY WAY to do a customized space like this. It is SO IMPORTANT to look into the details so that it is not only beauitful, but functional! So what happened next?

MP:: Next, I reviewed their blueprint and noted that they were going to be losing a pantry so I made suggestions to modify including adding a double unit of an appliance garage and a pantry, which at the time was a single unit just for the appliances. Using a new blueprint, I created a layout of where everything was slated to be placed in the new space. The client spend the summer out of Arizona so it was certaintly a fun reveal when they returned!
** Here is a picture of the actual blueprint that was used in this space**

NM:: Wow! The results are certainly stunning! Well done, Mika. We think this is officially one of the NEATest kitchens to date!







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