Simple + Thoughtful Valentine Gift Ideas

Thursday, February 9, 2023

Love is in the air! Surprise your sweetheart this Valentine's day by creating NEAT corners throughout your home with simple projects to show you care. The best part? All you need is about 30 minutes for a gift that says so much more than a box of chocolates. And, it doesn't hurt that you get to enjoy the newly organized spaces too. 



Simplify their morning routine by decanting coffee staples into Glass Jars for easy access. Contain less often used categories in elevated baskets and place inside the cabinet nearest the espresso machine. Even better if the products are pretty enough to display, for mornings when they don't quite make back inside the cupboard. Add labels using our Pantry Label Set so they know right where to find everything.

Bonus Points: Stock up on all their favorite staples, then let them relax while you serve up their morning latte. 



They'll love you even more with everything right at their fingertips as they head out the door. Create a simple drop zone by corralling their keys, lip balm, and wallet in our pretty Ceramic Nesting Tray. Place it on a table near the most often used entrance or the kitchen counter. Need to tuck necessities out of sight? Use our Cane Boxes for a solution that contains everything without the visual clutter. 

Bonus Points: Make an effort to keep this zone clutter free and available for their needs moving forward. 



Rise to the occasion this Valentine's Day by placing spirits on an Acacia Turntable or Acacia Riser. This makes it easy to see what you have on hand for creating the perfect cocktail at a moments notice. Have a spare drawer nearby? Utilize our multi-purpose drawer insert for organizing tools like corkscrews, wine stoppers, tongs and more. Just insert and expand. 

Bonus Points: Put on some music before mixing their go-to drink while they take in the NEAT display. 



A neat and tidy bedtime routine sets the mood for a good night's rest, and that typically includes the nightstand. Organize go-to items like an eye mask, hand lotion and reading glasses in the top drawer using drawer organizers. This provides boundaries so the items stay organized over time. Remove excess clutter by relocating anything that doesn't belong. Lower drawers or shelves are perfect for books, tech or dresser overflow. 

Bonus Points: Hide a love note inside for them to find when they discover the newly organized items. 



Glass Jars

Ceramic Nesting Trays

Acacia Riser

White Oak Drawer Organizers



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