Transforming a Cottage Style Laundry Room in the Grand Strand

Friday, March 8, 2024

Organizer Highlight: Sara Sorrows

In the heart of the Grand Strand, nestled within the city of Conway, South Carolina, a laundry room transformation unfolded that was anything but ordinary. The talented Sara Sorrows and NEAT Method Grand Strand team took on a project for a busy family. With a hardworking mom at the helm, part-time work, homeschooling duties, and a family business to juggle, not to mention three sons with their own landscaping venture and a passion for the great outdoors, the laundry room had become a catch-all space, overwhelmed by chaos.

The Heart of the Challenge

The client's laundry room was drowning in disorder, with random items shoved into cabinets to hide them from view, while mountains of dirty laundry from the adventurous trio added to the clutter. The challenge? To create a functional, organized space that could withstand the rigors of a busy household while also complementing the home's cozy cottage aesthetic.

Crafting the Perfect Plan

Sara and her team set out to give every item a "home". They aimed to use products that were not only durable to withstand teenage wear and tear but also beautiful enough to blend into the home's carefully curated decor. Labeling was key to encouraging the whole family to keep the space tidy.

Overcoming Aesthetic Concerns

The client was wary of the modern, often sterile look of organizational products, fearing they might clash with her home's warm, cottage vibe. Sara tackled this by thoughtfully selecting Perforated Acacia Baskets, which added a touch of warmth and natural beauty to the space, while their bone color helped them to visually recede into the background of the cabinets.

The Client's Favorite Feature

In the end, the client was thrilled with the transformation. The addition of matching baskets not only provided a practical storage solution but did so in a way that enhanced the rest of her home. She also loved the labeling, which simplified finding items and ensured the system could be sustained over time.

The Impactful Product

The bone Perforated Acacia baskets emerged as the stars of the project. Perfectly fitting into the cabinet dimensions and echoing the warm tones of the home's wood floors, they expertly blended functionality with aesthetic appeal. These baskets were more than just organizational tools; they were a seamless extension of the home's decor.

A Unique Project

This wasn't just any organization project. It was a testament to Sara's ability to understand the unique dynamics and aesthetic values of a family deeply connected to their home. The client had poured her heart and soul into creating a stunning cottage home, and Sara's thoughtful approach ensured that the laundry room's transformation further elevated its design.


Perforated Acacia Basket

Grid Basket

Acacia Turntable



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