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Brooke Nieman

Brooke Ruder, Chicago Home Organizing and Unpacking, NEAT Method

BROOKE NIEMAN. Our Director of Operations and licensed CHICAGO Home Organizer. Born and raised in the burbs of CHI CITY. Went to school with the LONGHORNS and returns to Austin any chance she gets. Lover of everything related to EDUCATION. So much so, she went back to school for nursing and still holds her RN title. Can find her buried in a book any chance she gets. Lives to attend concerts and MUSIC festivals. Relishes in her time with FAMILY and FRIENDS and has a particular soft spot for her black lab, Molly! Has a serious SWEET tooth. Black licorice is her go to fav. Obsessed with making lists and all things paper, making her the MASTER of OFFICES.

Lauren Spehr

Lauren Spehr, NEAT Method Chicago, Professional Organizer

LAUREN SPEHR, Chicago Home Organizer. Grew up in the suburbs of CHICAGO, but joined the IOWA HAWKEYES for college. Has spent the last two years EXPLORING Chicago - and adores her current home in OLD TOWN. She’s a certified Child Life Specialist. Doesn't shy away from a delicious MARGARITA or making a killer GUACAMOLE. And believes that POPSICLES should be enjoyed year round. Lover of all things DIY. Can be found at any thrift store or pinteresting her next DREAM project. Always down for a ROAD TRIP especially with her FAMILY and FRIENDS. A proud AUNT of three beautiful nieces, making her the MASTER of PLAYROOMS.

Laura DeFalco

Laura DeFalco, NEAT Method Chicago, Naperville, Professional Organizer

LAURA DeFALCO. Our licensed NAPERVILLE Home Organizer. A born NORTH CAROLINA girl, but raised in Naperville. Happy to be back in her hometown after 8 years of city living. A devoted WIFE and proud MOM to a beautiful daughter. Her most cherished past times involve COOKING with her husband and shopping at PAPER SOURCE. Nothing beats a day that involves a GRILL and a CAMPSITE. Besides the great outdoors, IRELAND is her favorite vacation spot. Loves anything SALTY or SWEET especially the combo of both. Formerly a kindergarten TEACHER that still loves a good CHECKLIST for her day. With a Masters in CURRICULUM and INSTRUCTION, she is without a doubt the MASTER of KIDS SPACES.

Ashley Murphy

Ashley Murphy, Chicago Home Organizing and Unpacking, NEAT Method Co-Founder
ASHLEY MURPHY. Founder of NEAT Method. Was raised in the BUCKEYE State. Went to college with the HOOSIERS. Will forever be smitten with the city of CHICAGO. A true Midwestern GIRL through and through. Completely adores her FAMILY and FRIENDS. Never starts or ends her day without her cherry ChapStick. Is a sucker for ROMANTIC comedies. Claims to know all the state capitals. Crazy about SUMMER weather and outdoor dining. Longs for the days of BOATING on Lake Cumberland. Obsessed with PILATES and has been known to teach it over the years. Loves nothing more than COOKING a healthy meal, making her the MASTER of KITCHENS.

Betsy Shirey

Betsy Shirey, NEAT Method, Chicago, Home Organizer

BETSY SHIREY, Chicago Home Organizer. Grew up along the coast of NORTH CAROLINA, and lived in 5 different states before claiming CHICAGO as home. A graduate from Improv Olympics and the Second City Conservatory, you can find her performing COMEDY around town. She has written and performed in over 100 productions. Spends her free time practicing yoga and trying new recipes (Chicken Curry is a favorite!). A digital SCRAPBOOKING genius, she knows how to preserve MEMORIES to last a lifetime. She lives to LAUGH and loves nothing more than making others do the same. A lover of all things CREATIVE, Betsy is the MASTER of CRAFT SPACES.

Celsie Sneden

Celsie Sneden, NEAT Method, Kansas City, Home Organizer

CELSIE SNEDEN, Our licensed KANSAS CITY Home Organizer. From growing up in TOPEKA and attending the University of Kansas (ROCK CHALK!), she’s a MIDWESTERN girl through and through. With a background in THEATER, she loves a good play to read or attend. DAZZLED with Chicago’s IMPROV scene, she made CHI TOWN her home in 2013. Loves working with KIDS and knows every DISNEY movie song from the Jungle Book to Frozen. Incredibly handy with a drill and can be found on weekends working on her latest DIY project. Calls Dark CHOCOLATE one of her favorite sweet treats. With an eye for both function and style, Celsie is the MASTER of LIVING ROOM SPACES.

Kim Hirschey

Kim Hirschey, chicago, home organizers, professional organizer, neat method

KIMBERLY HIRSCHEY. Organizer for NEAT Method Chicago. Growing up a MINNESOTAN, she fully embraces the Chicago snow and the beauty of Lake Michigan. Made her way to CHICAGO via Madison, where she cheered on the BADGERS at UW-Madison! These days she can be found swimming, biking or running towards her next TRIATHLON. Is an avid SKIER, and is always looking for her next adventure out West. Supports GREEN living and can be found carrying a reusable water bottle or at a local farmer's market. With a last name like Hirschey, she without a doubt inherited a sweet tooth. Loves to ENTERTAIN and is famous for her lettuce wraps, making her the MASTER of KITCHENS.

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