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At NEAT, our goal is simply to educate and inspire change one space at a time. The function of a home should be the foundation of how one lives. We believe that once your home is NEAT and well arranged, you will feel the positive impact in all areas of your life. As the organizing industry’s leader, we achieve this through consistent representation from our NEAT family, partners, customer service, products and content. Welcome to the NEAT life.
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NEAT will take your home from chaotic to composed. Our expert organizers create beautiful, sustainable systems based on your needs and lifestyle.

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The visionbehind NEAT


Neat Method's founders, Ashley and Marissa, can help you transform your cluttered and disorganized space into a functional and aesthetically pleasing environment. By utilizing their unique approach, they can work with you to create personalized solutions that fit your specific needs and lifestyle. With Neat Method, you can look forward to a more streamlined and stress-free living or working space.