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NEAT Method began when founders, ASHLEY MURPHY and MOLLY GRAVES met while shopping in San Francisco. Both had recently been uprooted from Chicago and relocated to the City by the Bay. Some would call it FATE, that they had much more in common than their sweet home of Chicago.

Instantly FRIENDS, Ashley and Molly discovered their mutual affinity for creating clutter-free and ORGANIZED spaces within their homes. Over glasses of California vino, they discussed the ins and outs of what this mutual passion could look like as a BUSINESS. These career driven women were determined to HELP people find a new appreciation for an organized life.

NEAT Method was therefore developed to bring a FRESH new face to the organizing industry. With a strong focus on creating uniquely personalized SYSTEMS, they created a METHOD that transformed a space from chaotic to COMPOSED for an array of clientele. From the clutter-prone Chanel hoarder to the meticulous, overbooked Bachelor, clients became addicted to the NEAT LIFE.

Once they realized the impact this method had, the time was right for NEAT to open its doors in more locations. This once small idea is now a MULTI-CITY business with expansion opportunities available to others who revel in folding, filing, and color-coding. As NEAT grows, the core VALUE of the company will remain – helping others live NEAT.

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Meet Our Team ::

Ashley Murphy

Co-Founder & CEO

Molly Graves


Marissa Hagmeyer

Co-Owner & CMO

Lisa Ruff

Director of Business Development

Katie Koentje

Director of Recruiting

Meg Wittman

Social Media Manager

Carey Watson

Director of Franchise Operations

Chelsea Thomas

Director of Social Media

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