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4 Secrets to Improving Your Handwriting

They say that penmanship is a thing of the past, but we, over here at Neat Method, are doing our best to make sure that it never goes out of style! As perfectionist, we tend to get a little frustrated when our handwriting isn’t up to par with our organizing skills. 

As you know, we recently held our annual Neat Summit in Austin and had the honor of working with handwriting expert, Jesilyn Kay. Not only was she a delight to work with, but she also taught us several tricks of the trade for best labeling all of the bins and baskets of our client’s homes. Now, you of course won’t get the full affect as one of her classes, but we thought we’d share our Top 4 Highlights with all of you in hopes of keeping pen(wo)man ship alive. 

1. Spacing is Everything. We most definitely live by this motto when organizing any space of a home, so we were pleased to hear that we should approach labeling the same way. Before you go to write something, make sure you know how you want to space out the word on the section you are writing. Is there equal distance from left to write? Don’t be afraid to use a ruler to help you mark where you want your letters to be spaced from top to bottom. 

2. Center the word. This might have been our favorite trick! Now, it’s not the easiest to do, so don’t be embarrassed if you have to write the word on a separate piece of paper. Basically, once you’ve figured out your spacing, find your center point. Now, place the middle letter or two letters right smack in the middle of the space/label. From there, start completing the word from left to right one letter at a time. Once again, this isn’t easy to do when it comes to spelling the word out, so get that extra piece of paper handy. 

3. Aren’t confident?? Write in pencil. Who knew that it didn’t have to be perfect the first time?!? We quickly realized that the ability to practice the lettering and spacing in pencil made it super easy to go over in the pen or marker color of our choice. Then, if need be, just erase the pencil lines that were created. 

4. Proper pens. This really might be the answer to it all! For years we’ve worked hard at knowing the proper pens and markers to use on each surface. It really does take a skill to find the ones that won’t rub off, that will allow for even lettering and create the effect we are looking for. Jesilyn shared a little secret with us with these and these pens. She said the finer the point the better and to then just take your time to fill in the lines in order to create the thickness we are going for. 

We hope that you find these tips helpful, but if you want to go the extra mile…we recommend picking up this book from our friend. 


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Thank you for sharing these tips! As fledgling organizer and left handed person, this is incredibly helpful!!

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Thank you for sharing! I think these tips will be helpful for my kids with their handwriting!

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