November 2016

Thursday 11.17.16

NEAT Launches a New Market - Find out Where!

Happy Thursday NEAT friends! We are one week away from celebrating Thanksgiving, but the NEAT girls are already so thankful to be launching our 20th city! We are happy to announce that the most magical place on earth will now be the most organized as well. Please meet Meg Wittman from Orlando! We interviewed Meg so that you could get to know our newest NEAT girl as well. Take a peek at this interview to see why Meg is the perfect addition to the team!

NM:: Hi Meg! We are so happy you’ve joined the team - tell us why you wanted to run NEAT in your city.
MW:: I wanted to run NEAT in Orlando because I fell head over heels with the brand and wanted to bring it into my market. I love clean lines using efficient and beautiful organization systems and that's exactly what NEAT stands for. I believe everyone should be NEAT, and I want to use my passion and talents to help others.


NM:: So, tell us! What did you do before you ran NEAT?
MW:: Before NEAT I was an analyst at a large regional bank. In my role, I not only analyzed data, but I also had to create efficient systems and ways of doing business. Organization in the workplace proved to be one of my best assets and led me to realize I should pursue organizing professionally.
NM:: It sounds like we have a smarty pants on our hands! Do you have any hidden talents that we should know about?
MW:: Many, actually! I am a singer, actor and dancer so I absolutely love to perform. I was an extra in a Katherine Heigl movie and a lead in a made-for-tv movie where I played an amish mother. I'm also an avid baker. My chocolate chip cookies are delicious and I make a chocolate espresso cake that is to die for.
NM:: We all have a special place in our hearts for the city that is so famous for that lovable mouse, but what else makes Orlando unique? 
MW:: Orlando is a city of opportunities and many flock to the area from the north, all over the US and even Internationally. I especially love Orlando because, even though we are smack dab in the middle of the state, you are never more than 10 minutes away from the water with all of our beautiful lakes! I grew up in the area for 10 years, but I've only been back in the city for 4 months. I absolutely love being back and seeing all the progress the city has made in the 15 years I lived elsewhere.
NM:: So you are officially amidst a move!! Give us some of your best moving advice - any tips/tricks?
MW:: Moving can be very stressful, but the best advice I've come up with is not to delay your organization and tidying! You can begin sorting through your items before you pack them. There's no sense in unpacking a box just to realize you don't need anything in it. Also it is essential to keep like items together so you can unpack each box in its entirety rather than half of one box, 1/4 of another, etc. Make packing and unpacking as easy as possible for yourself. You won't regret it!
NM:: So now that you are back in Orlando, we would love an insiders take  – what are your favorite places to shop in your city? 
MW:: I love heading over to Park Avenue. If you are ever in town, the entire place is worth walking around. More specifically, I love The Partridge Tree for great gift finds, Arabella and Violet Clover for a new addition to my wardrobe and finally, See Eyewear for the worlds best specs! 
NM:: Besides the Orlando shopping, every NEAT girl wants to know…what is your favorite product to use to organize things?
MW:: I love acrylic for organizing for two reasons: You can see through the trays or bins to know what is inside, and also I love the way acrylic can almost sparkle in a well lit area. Acrylic trays are especially great for jewelry, accessories & makeup.
NM::Tell us, what do you think is going to be your favorite part of running NEAT in your city?
MW:: My favorite part of running NEAT will be seeing the beautiful before & after pictures and my clients' reactions. I love helping people and making their life easier and I cannot wait to give my clients peace of mind when their spaces are tidy and NEAT.
NM:: You will be wowing clients in no time, we are sure! What can people expect when they hire you to organize their home?
MW:: My clients can expect me to be on site working with joy and determination. I love to get the job done efficiently, but also bring light and joy to the space. Also, because I majored in musical theatre, you may sometimes hear me hum or sing along as I'm working.
NM:: Okay, last question,:: Since you seem to surprise us with something fun about yourself time and time again, is there anything else you think we need to know?
MW:: I always have some interesting tidbits:
My guilty pleasure is infomercials. They are so cheesy and always overacted, but I find them fascinating and although I've never purchased anything from an infomercial, I've always been tempted.
If I had a last meal on earth it would be a big juicy burger with french fries and a milkshake.
I completed the Tough Mudder. It was one of the hardest physical things I've done, but so worth it!
I am a mom model for Fisher Price, and you can actually see me on several product packages!

NM:: You are seriously a woman of all trades, Meg. We are happy you decided you needed to add NEAT to your arsenal! Orlando, time to get organized!


the NEAT girls

Tuesday 11.15.16

4 Quick Ways to Update Your Craft Space This Holiday Season

‘Tis the season for holiday hostess gifts, family presents and greeting cards. No matter how big or small your space is, there is always a place in the home that holds crafting items such as gift wrap, cards, ribbon, scissors, and tape. During the holidays, that space is used more than any other time! We wanted to share 4 fast ways you can update your space to make it more functional this season.
Tip #1:: Categorize :: It seems like a simple suggestion but make sure you have like items together. Dedicating space for each category allows you to find what you are looking for with ease. 

Tip #2:: Eliminate :: We often hold onto every pen and paper pad we have ever received. Take just one minute to recycle/trash anything that doesn’t inspire you. Test your pens and markers out and keep only the best. Trust us, you will never pick a dried out pen to write your holiday cards!

Tip #3:: Contain :: When it comes to craft spaces we love anything and everything that is clear! Craft items are typically colorful which looks fun and inspiring in anything that you can see through. It also helps you recall what you already have in your space.

Tip #4:: Keep it Together :: No matter how large or small your space is, make sure your craft items don’t creep into other areas of your home. Trust us, if all the craft items are stored together, you are sure to create the most beautiful gift this holiday season.

Happy Crafting!
the NEAT girls
Tuesday 11.08.16

Find Out Who NEAT is Voting For This Election...

As we are sure most of you know, today is Election Day in the United States. At this point you would have had to have lived under a rock not to know who the candidates are and we are ready to share who we at NEAT are voting for…

Did you seriously think we were going to make NEAT political? We have completed our own votes for our recent favorite organized spaces.  No matter what party you favor, we are sure that these spaces would get your vote! The winner for best shoe solution goes to Melanie in Las Vegas. She used the Ikea Billy Bookshelves to complete this amazing shoe closet in a challenging space!

Our latest favorite pantry goes to Laura in Naperville. We love that she mixed and matched some of our favorite products from the Container Store to complete this perfectly appointed space.

Ashley in Washington, DC got top votes after working with wood hangers in this posh closet. 

Speaking of Closets, Liz in Milwaukee was voted best closet update. Check out the fun wallpaper used behind to add a pop! 

Finally, Alex in St. Louis got the vote for most motivating. We love the use of this smaller space dedicated to workout apparel. 

No matter what political side you fall on, get out and vote today! Then, after you are finished voting, get organized.


the NEAT girls

Monday 11.07.16

5 Holiday Gift Wrapping Ideas We Will be Copying This Year

If you are anything like a NEAT girl, you have already starting purchasing holiday gifts and are thinking ahead to how they will be wrapped this year. It will come as no surprise that we think the prettiest gifts are typically wrapped very simply. This year, we have found some serious inspiration online that we had to share with you! Here are the top 5 people we will be copying this year for our holiday gift wrap. 

#1 Feast your eyes on this beauty from Boxwood Avenue. We love their use of a fresh tree branch, simple black and white string and of course...the LABEL.

#2 When we found this image and blog post by Lauren Kelp we agreed it was time to "ditch the tra-dish"!

#3 If, of course, traditional is more your thing, we have never seen brown paper packages tied up with string more beautifully than here at One Beautiful Home. The addition of the names written in gold is SO PERFECT!

#4 We have offically done some light stalking of Gather & Feast and we are not afraid to admit it! These simple gift tags are EVERYTHING and did we mention the have FREE ones to download on their site? You're welcome. :)

Finally, even if you are just handing out some goodies to neighbors this year, we think you should be contacting A Fabulous Fete to create some tags for you. We were drooling over every. little. thing. in her etsy shop!

Officially inspired? Happy gifting!


the NEAT girls

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