April 2017

Thursday 04.27.17

A NEAT Girl’s Guide to Minimalism

Minimalism is often misunderstood, but at its core it is the intentional act of simplifying one’s life. Or in other word's it is music to a NEAT girl's ears! 

What is even better is that it has become super trendy to minimize. With documentary's like Nexflix's Minimalism we are feeling extra inspired these days to declutter our own homes. Our Orlando NEAT girl, Meg, has been particularly motivated and was nice enough to share some images and tips with us of what minimalism looks like in Florida these days.

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TIP #1 :: MINIMIZE your possessions.
Take an honest look at your possessions and part with items you don’t need:

- Clothing you never wear
- Duplicate kitchen items you don’t need
- Travel sized toiletries you never use

Then donate them for a tax break, giveaway to friends, or sell these items on eBay, Letgo or other resale apps for some extra cash.

minimalism, meg whittman, neat method, home organizing, professional organizers, orlando, florida

TIP #2 :: MAXIMIZE your purchases.
Each time you purchase a new item you should ask yourself: 

- Do I need it?
- Do I love it?
- Do I have anything like it?

TIP #3 :: MINIMIZE your activities.
Minimize the non-essential activities that you don’t enjoy:

- If you dread grocery shopping, perhaps try a service like Blue Apron or Hello Fresh so you only have the food items you need on hand.
- Ask yourself if all of the activities you participate in are still serving you well. If not, it might be time to cleanse the 'ole schedule a bit as well. 

minimalism, meg whittman, neat method, home organizing, professional organizers, orlando, florida

TIP #4 :: MAXIMIZE your opportunities.
Consider adding an activity, or two, that truly makes you happy:

- Taking a regular workout class
- Going for daily walks
- Joining a gym
- Spending more time with your loved ones

minimalism, meg whittman, neat method, home organizing, professional organizers, orlando, florida

Who's excited to re-evaluate some things in your life? Thanks Meg for sharing how Orlando is taking minimalism to a whole new level!! 

the NEAT girls

Wednesday 04.19.17

Marissa's Baby Registry Must Haves

Our next NEAT girl to join the crew is expected to arrive in May! This one won't be running one of our cities (just yet ;)) but she will be Owner, Marissa Hagmeyer's, office assistant and first baby.

As Marissa anxiously awaits her arrival we have asked her to let us in on what she is doing to prepare and what the latest registry must haves are for this NEAT baby girl.

baby, registry, neat method, marissa hagmeyer, gender reveal, baby girl, heather holt photography, fort lauderdale

Hi Everyone! I couldn't be more excited to be expecting a baby girl in just a few weeks. The last 9 months have honestly not been too bad in the grand scheme of things - I guess I've had it easy when it comes to pregnancy. Registering on the other hand was a bit more of a challenge for me. First of all I struggle with the whole idea of asking your friends and family for gifts and secondly I wanted to try and avoid having our house be overtaken by baby equipment. 

Overwhelmed by the whole process, I decided to just start by doing a ton of research. I sought a lot of advice from the other NEAT girls, my family and friends, and also read through nearly every page of Lucie's List and Babylist. With my findings in mind I came up with the following must haves ...

baby, registry, neat method, marissa hagmeyer, nuna pipa, uppababy, baby bjorn, ergobaby, freshly picked, the laundress

1. It goes without saying that you need a baby carrier but there are so many options out there. The Nuna Pipa felt right for us because it is super lightweight, has a built in sun canopy (FL baby must-have) and can be used without a base when we are traveling.

2. The I Am Tidy book, because who doesn't want to teach their kids about being NEAT from a young age. LOL!

3. A pretty pair of gold Freshly Picked moccasins. Okay these maybe weren't a must have but they sure are cute, right? 

4. The Ergobaby 360 Carrier so that this little lady is able to hit the town with us. 

5. I can't wait to do my first load of baby girl's laundry with The Laundress Baby Detergent. Hopefully it makes the 100th load a little more exciting as well ;).

6. NEAT's favorite velvet slimline hangers in baby size so that I can maximize space in the closet.

7. A montly bow subscription to Little Poppy Co. Okay these too are another just fun to have. 

8. The BabyBjorn Travel Crib because we live far from family so being able to sleep comfortably on the go is going to be important for us.

9. A Sophie the Giraffe Teether seems to make it onto every Mom's registry these days. She apprently is an all in one development toy awakeing each of baby's 5 sense! 

10. It also goes without saying that you will need a stroller. However, there are about 10,000 out there so this was a tough decision. We ultimately picked the UppaBaby Vista because it is lightweight, the bassinet can also be used for an infant sleeper, it can be converted to a double down the road, and becuase it was super easy to maneuver and fold up. 

baby, registry, neat method, marissa hagmeyer, gender reveal, baby girl, heather holt photography, fort lauderdale

With all that being said, I would love to hear from you if there are items I am missing. Leave a note in the comments below if you have any advice for me!


Image 1 & 3 :: Photo Credit (Heather Holt Photography)

Wednesday 04.12.17

San Francisco's Favorite Multi-Use Products

As you know, one of our favorite aspects of organizing is implementing new product. The right product elevates the look and functionality of a space. The only thing better than finding the perfect product is finding the perfect product that’s flexible enough to be used in multiple spaces. 

Because our San Francisco organizers purchase the most product each year, we have asked them for the top 3 products that you can use again and again, and here is what they had to say ... 

container store, neat method, home organizing, san francisco, organizing products, clear stackable drawer

Clear Stackable Drawer

The unsung hero of The Container Store is their stackable shoe drawer. They are perfect for overflow bathroom toiletries, office supplies, kids’ art supplies -- the sky’s the limit. You can fully remove the drawers and take it to another room. If something leaks or spills, they just need a quick wipe.

container store, neat method, home organizing, san francisco, organizing products, clear stackable drawer

Letter Collator

Another recent favorite of the San Francisco team is this letter collator. We have been known to take it beyond it's intended office use and instead let it shine in a closet. It is sturdy enough to hold lots of clutches upright and make sure they get the front and center attention that they deserve! 

container store, neat method, home organizing, san francisco, organizing products, clear stackable drawer

Divided Lazy Susan

The divided lazy susan is a gem that is typically stocked in the kitchen section, but we’ve used it in just about every room. The roomy sections are what make it so versatile. It makes an excellent turntable for small hands reaching for art supplies and also shines when organized with medication, first aid or pantry items.

container store, neat method, home organizing, san francisco, organizing products, clear stackable drawer

We think you will agree that there is no lack of creativity in the minds of our San Francisco organizers! 

the NEAT girls

Wednesday 04.05.17

Spring Cleaners We Love!

A freshly cleaned home brings us just about as big of a smile to our face as a newly NEAT home. Are you suprised?

That being said, we are by no means experts when it comes to cleaning. FACT! But we do happen to keep a few close friends who know a thing or two about the subject, and their names just might be ones you recognize!

Today we are sharing our interviews Clean MamaMrs. Meyer's, and Common Good. This is what they had to say about making your 2017 Spring Cleaning Season extra special this year .... 

Spring Cleaning, NEAT Method, Organizing Tips

1. What do you recommend as the first step to getting one's Spring Cleaning started?

Clean Mama :: ​Spring cleaning is different for ​everyone and every home that is in need of a little spring cleaning. My best advice is to capitalize on the urge to do a little spring cleaning if/when it hits. Open those windows, let the fresh air in, and do a little cleaning where your home needs it most. Make a list of a handful of areas or spots in your home that need a little attention and work your way down the list. By starting with a list and a plan you’ll be able to do your spring cleaning in no time!

Mrs. Meyer's :: Before starting any seasonal cleaning project – it’s important to keep in mind the 3 P’s – prioritize, plan and products. Each of us has our own philosophy when it comes to cleaning. For example, our namesake Thelma Meyer’s (yes, there is a real Mrs. Meyer!) believes there’s a happy medium between perfectionism and a happy, "lived in" home. Think about what’s most important to get accomplished during your spring cleaning session and focus effort on those areas. Stick with a plan to avoid being sucked into the rabbit hole of cleaning, such as the simple sock drawer organization that transforms into a whole closet makeover. Lastly, make sure you have the right products on hand to make clean up easier and more enjoyable. For example, Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day products are made with plant-derived ingredients and essential oils that smell great and still work like the dickens.

Common Goods, Spring Cleaning, NEAT Method, Organizing Tips

2. What are your hottest new product(s) this Spring and what should we know about them?

Common Goods :: This Spring, we're very excited to launch our first ever Kickstarter campaign! We've developed a brand-new refill line that delivers 2-4 refills of our hand soap, dish soap, all-purpose cleaner, bathroom cleaner or laundry detergent direct to your door. We've listened to the needs of customers for over six years now and have developed a product that has the same safe and green formulations people love with the added convenience of home delivery. On top of that, our refill boxes use 83% less plastic than the equivalent bottles, and help further our mission to reduce the amount of plastics in the home and eco-system! The campaign starts today and we hope everyone will consider visiting the campaign page to learn more about the product and the fantastic rewards we're offering participants!

Mrs. Meyer's :: We have a little spring in our step with two new fresh seasonal scents Lilac and Peony. The subtle, rosy scent of Peony and rich and vibrant Lilac brings a spritz of spring and freshness to the indoors. Each scent is available in a dish soap, hand soap and multi-surface cleaner for a springier spring clean. We also have a Peony gift set that includes a hand soap and hand lotion as a perfect pick-me-up for the start of the season.

Mrs Meyers, Spring Cleaning, NEAT Method, Organizing Tips

3. In your opinion, what is the NEATest thing about Spring :)?

Clean Mama :: ​Spring cleaning of course! As a midwesterner, spring cleaning - throwing open the windows (and cleaning them) is almost a right of passage into the season of all things new. I absolutely love taking the time to spiff and tidy up in the spring to relax and enjoy the weather and being outside in the summer.

Mrs. Meyer's :: Spring is NEAT because it marks renewal all around us. New blooms and scents awaken our senses and lifts spirits. It’s signal the start of something inspirational and promising for the days ahead.

Clean Mama, Spring Cleaning, NEAT Method, Organizing Tips

4. Anything else you want to share regarding Spring Cleaning?

Mrs. Meyer's :: After you’ve finished giving your home a little TLC – don’t forget about yourself. Mrs. Meyer’s recently launched their latest body care installment, body wash to help you clean up real nice after a spring cleaning session with moisturizing formulas and garden-fresh scents.

Have you added these items to your shopping list yet? Something tells us Spring will be extra special this year if you do! 

the NEAT girls

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