Tuesday 11.15.16

4 Quick Ways to Update Your Craft Space This Holiday Season

‘Tis the season for holiday hostess gifts, family presents and greeting cards. No matter how big or small your space is, there is always a place in the home that holds crafting items such as gift wrap, cards, ribbon, scissors, and tape. During the holidays, that space is used more than any other time! We wanted to share 4 fast ways you can update your space to make it more functional this season.
Tip #1:: Categorize :: It seems like a simple suggestion but make sure you have like items together. Dedicating space for each category allows you to find what you are looking for with ease. 

Tip #2:: Eliminate :: We often hold onto every pen and paper pad we have ever received. Take just one minute to recycle/trash anything that doesn’t inspire you. Test your pens and markers out and keep only the best. Trust us, you will never pick a dried out pen to write your holiday cards!

Tip #3:: Contain :: When it comes to craft spaces we love anything and everything that is clear! Craft items are typically colorful which looks fun and inspiring in anything that you can see through. It also helps you recall what you already have in your space.

Tip #4:: Keep it Together :: No matter how large or small your space is, make sure your craft items don’t creep into other areas of your home. Trust us, if all the craft items are stored together, you are sure to create the most beautiful gift this holiday season.

Happy Crafting!
the NEAT girls
Thursday 10.13.16

ROY G BIV Themed Party

You may have thought our love for using ROY G BIV stopped at home organizing but that isn't entirely true. Have you ever thought about using this color-coding system to style your parties?? Well if not, you might after seeing these inspirational images. 

roygbiv, party, rainbow, rainbow party, party theme, neat method

First up, a fruit snack from a party hosted by our talented San Francisco girl, Lisa Ruff! Proof that we just can't quit with color-coding our closets. 

roygbiv, party, rainbow, rainbow party, party theme, neat method

This image really takes it to the next level and we LOVE it! For more images from this cute backyard bash see Pink Peppermint Design

roygbiv, party, rainbow, rainbow party, party theme, neat method

Since a gathering isn't a party without lots of sweet treats, don't forget to add this rainbow macaron tower to your next soiree!

roygbiv, party, rainbow, rainbow party, party theme, neat method

And finally the next time you purchase fun straws, don't just stop at one color. There is just something extra exciting about sprinking in a few more colors from the rainbow. 

Whether inspiration for your theme or just the way to set up one party station, don't forget to invite ROY G BIV to your next function! He will make the event a lot brighter!

the NEAT girls

Thursday 10.06.16

NEAT Pumpkin Carving Alternatives

There is nothing a NEAT girl loves more than preparing a home for the holidays! However, we tend to be a bit Type-A about the types of decorations that we allow. Are you surprised?! 

While pumpkin carving can be quite fun you also have to admit it can be the opposite of NEAT, and the outcome doesn't always match the asthetic of your home. This year we might be able to inspire you to put down the knife and bust out the paint with a few of our favorite carving alternatives. 

pumpkin carving, pumpkin painting, inspiration, fall decor, home decor, donuts, pumpkin

How scrupmtious are these donut pumkins? We have our friends at Studio DIY to thank for this idea! 

pumpkin carving, pumpkin painting, inspiration, fall decor, home decor, flowers, pumpkin

If you are feeling super artsy, it just doesn't get much better than these hand painted floral pumpkins from Craft Berry Bush!

pumpkin carving, pumpkin painting, inspiration, fall decor, home decor, oh hey fall, pumpkin

For those of us with slightly less Picasso in you, keep in mind that a solid color can also go a long way! Lovely Indeed is a perfect way to describe these pumpkins and also happens to be the name of blog where we found them. 

pumpkin carving, pumpkin painting, inspiration, fall decor, home decor, fall, rustic, pumpkin, roygbiv

Speaking of solid colors, how about using our favorite, ROY G BIV? So simple, yet so cute! Thanks Jaderbomb for the inspo!

Who is feeling excited about Halloween now? We know we are feeling PUMPed! 

Happy Decorating! 

the NEAT girls

Wednesday 08.17.16

Have you Entered?

If you didn't get the memo, NEAT Method has teamed up with two of our favorite brands, State Bags and The Laundress to do a Fall Refresh Giveaway! Here are three reasons you should enter to win NOW!

Reason #1:: The Laundress was doing "Eco Friendly" before it was even cool. Who doesn't want to use a product that is good for the environment, beautifully packaged and most importantly, tough on stains?! This giveaway includes a $125 voucher for their products!

Reason #2:: State Bags are the "it bag" for back to school. The design alone puts other backpacks to shame but can we talk about the perfect pockets? The pack is made to keep you nice and NEAT at work or school. This giveaway includes $125 towards their backpacks as well!

Reason #3:: Have you always wanted to work with NEAT but can't because we are not in your area? We have launched, "NEAT it Now" our online organizing services and are excited to offer $200 toward our services in this giveaway as well!

Are you ready for a Fall Refresh? Remember, you only have until Friday to enter for your chance to win!



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Thursday 07.14.16

NEAT IT NOW :: Virtual Organizing

For over 5 years, we have been providing home organizing services across the Country. First, San Francisco got a taste of The NEAT Life and when they couldn't get enough of it we started launching in other cities (18 to be exact). During this time we have been perfecting our craft, or Method if you will, and are beyond excited to announce that we are ready to bring it to the masses.

What does that mean exactly? Well, for now we can only tell you a small part of what it means because we have something even bigger in the works. However, what we can tell you is that we are officially offering virtual organizing services. So, if you are (a) not in a city where we have a location, or (b) prefer a DIY project to tackle on your own, you can learn to live the NEAT life virtually!

online organizing, organizing help, organizing tips, organized, pantry, organized pantry, diy, kitchen organizing

Excited?! So are we! Have questions? We figured ....

Here is an overview of how it works ... 

1. Submit our NEAT IT NOW Intake Form – we will be in touch about your project within 48 hours

2. Schedule a 30 minute phone/video conversation about your particular space and what you want to accomplish

3. Receive your personal shopping list as well as instructions on how to complete your space

4. Complete the project with a 30 minute follow up call/video to ensure the space gets the NEAT stamp of approval

5. Admire and enjoy your NEAT space(s) every day and be sure to share it using the hashtag #NEATitNOW

Sound fun?! We can't wait to share the ins and outs of our well developed Method with you! For more information head over to our NEAT IT NOW page. 

the NEAT girls

online organizing, organizing help, organizing tips, organized, pantry, organized closet, diy, bathroom organizing, closets
Thursday 08.20.15

Creating the Perfect Command Center at Home

It is that time of the year when school is back in session (or close) and the papers coming in from school and schedule for sports and other extra curricular activities are out of control. Lucky for you, NEAT has made a few AMAZING command centers and today we are going share how to make the perfect one for your home! In Scottsdale, Mika made this amazing chalkboard calendar in her client's mud room.

home command center, chalkboard, home office, family calendar, home organization, home organizing, home style, Scottsdale, Phoenix, Mika Perry

When we asked Mika about her serious skills, she had these words of advice::

1. You MUST get the chisel tip marker from The Container Store in order to make this work. The chisel tip was key for the lettering and getting a thicker line. 

2. Keep it simple. The more bells and whistles in this case, the worse. If there are too many cubbies and sections, your important information is bound to get lost. 

container store, marker, chalkboard marker, chalkboard pen, home organization, home organizing, organizing

Has she left you inspired to create your own center? If you need a bit more of a nudge, we have found FREE PRINTABLE menu planners and chore charts!

family menu, free printable, printable, menu planner, food planning, home organization, home style, home organizing, organizer




chore charts, chore list, free printable, printable, home organization, home style, home organizing, organizer, professional organizer

We can't wait to see your command centers when you are complete! Share pics with us on instagram.


the NEAT girls

Image 3 :: Image 4 :: 

Thursday 07.23.15

Before and Afters to Brighten Your Thursday

Its that time of the week. You know, when you wish it were Friday but it is only Thursday? We know the feeling and are happy to help you kill a few minutes of your time by checking out what the NEAT girls have been up to in their cities! Mika literally transformed this office in Scottsdale - SERIOUSLY. Doesn't it look like it is straight off of your favorite HGtv show?

Mika Perry, Scottsdale, Phoenix, office, organized, professional organizer, home organization, before and after, DIY, filing, organizing tips, Ikea Expedit, home organization

In the Twin Cities, Kennidy had some serious fun with an amazing walk-in closet. First, she had to get through the clutter to make a change to the space that her client would LOVE. 

Kennidy Primoli, closet, home organization, Twin Cities, Minneapolis, St. Paul, home style, walk in closet, closet design, dream closet

Brooke walked into an organizers dream come true in Chicago! Check out this bookshelf that was just asking to be color coded...

Brooke Ruder, Chicago, Office, home organizer, professional organizer, home organization, home design, home style, DIY, Before and After,

And finally, just when you thought Mika couldn't have a better Before and After than the office... she busts out this kitchen pantry as well. Even the shelves were broken and she got everything back in tip top shape!

Mika Perry, Scottsdale, Phoenix, kitchen, pantry, organized, professional organizer, home organization, before and after, DIY, baskets, pantry tips, organizing tips

We hope you are feeling inspired to create a little Before and After in your home this weekend!


the NEAT girls

Tuesday 07.07.15

Want to be a NEAT Organizer? Here's Your Final Chance This Year!

Ever wondered what it would be like to be part of the NEAT team? We are having one FINAL information call next Tuesday to find out more!

This will be our final information call of the year so be sure to join if you are interested in learning more! Email JoinNEAT(at)neatmethod(dot)com for more information on how to listen in. 

We look forward to chatting with you soon!


the NEAT girls


Thursday 07.02.15

NEAT Method + Pottery Barn = The NEATest Life YET!

We can't hold it in anymore and neither can our best friends over at Pottery Barn... NEAT and Pottery Barn have teamed up to share the in's and out's of a PERFECT laundry room!

Because you all are our best friends and loyal followers, we will tell you how this exciting partnership went down. In early March, we got an email with the subject line, "Hi From Pottery Barn!" At first, we thought it might be a standard email to everyone who signed up to receive their emails (it should come as no surprise that we like to keep up on their amazing organizing products!) After opening the email, we realized that this was no ordinary correspondence this was PERSONAL. As it turns out, they had seen our work and wanted to collaborate. Please check out our joint post and gorgeous products we used over on their site today! Below are some of the amazing photos that were taken by our photographer, Michelle Drewes who also took all of the images on our site.













We are so grateful to Pottery Barn for this AMAZING opportunity. The good news doesn't end there! They asked to not only feature us on their blog........BUT...... drumroll please!!!!!!!

Later in the month we will be gracing the pages of their CATALOG!! Look for us in a mailbox near you!



Thursday 05.07.15

4 Before and Afters You Cannot Miss

We are so happy you loved our, "before and afters" on Tuesday that we couldn't resist sharing a few more!! First up is our Chicago team - check out this storage space that Brooke and her girls tackled! Impressive, right?!

Brooke Ruder, Ashley Murphy, plastic bins, storage unit, before and after, organized space, organized home, home organizer, professional organizer,

Next up, Katie in San Diego really transformed this closet into a fully functioning craft space. We are ready to get creative!

Katie Koentje, San Diego, professional organizer, home organization, organized home, home style, NEAT Method, San Diego, Orange County, Before and After, craft room, craft closet, inspiration

In Columbus, Julia changed this whole room from cluttered to completely organized. Here's the before....

Julia Purdy, Columbus, professional organizer, home organizer, organizer, home organization, home style, before and after, closet, inspiration

Here is the after!



Julia Purdy, Columbus, professional organizer, home organizer, organizer, home organization, home style, before and after, closet, inspiration

Finally, Kennidy got to have some fun with so gorgeous baubles in the Twin Cities. Isn't it amazing what a difference some acrylic trays can truly make?

Kennidy Primoli, Twin Cities, Minnesota, NEAT Method, Minneapolis, St. Paul, Edina, professional organizer, home organization, organizing, home organizer, jewelry, before and after, acrylic trays, master closet, inspiration

Want to see more of our team's before and afters? Stay tuned!! 


the NEAT girls


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