Tuesday 10.14.14

Easy Ways to Decorate for Fall without Needing Lots of" Stuff"

Everyone loves to get in the holiday spirit...but one thing everyone doesn't always love, is the large amount of decor you have to store in-between each holiday. To have the best decorated home each holiday, you'd basically need an extra garage just to store the goods!

Lucky for you, we've scoured the web to find some pretty great fall decor that doesn't require significant storage when the season is over...mainly because these items are low in price (giving you big bang for your buck) and also because you won't need to store much for next year! As any organized person would agree, why keep more "stuff" in the house than necessary!

First up, everyone's favorite - candy corn! This fall candy can be put in various locations throughout your home and instantly add a festive touch! Use those empty vases and or candle votives you have lying around to display the candies! Added bonus to decorating with candy corn - just toss the candy at the end of the season!

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Same goes with corn kernels! Who says you can't do the same with these! Our co-founder Molly loves using these around her home! When the season is over, she just tosses them out to the birds! How clever, and sweet, of her!

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Or wrap tiny corn on the cobs around a candle, using burlap string. So cute!

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And how about purchasing a pumpkin and using it as an ice bucket for your next party? When the party is over - toss the pumpkin...or make pumpkin soup! ;)

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See decorating for the fall holiday does not require massive (or expensive) decorations to add a festive touch! However, anything that helps you get in the holiday spirit is just fine by us! Well, errrr...unless you have an extra garage just for holiday decorations ;)


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