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Wednesday 06.07.17

8 Unique Gifts For Dad!

We talk a lot about the NEAT girls around here, but the truth is we wouldn't be the business women we are without some very special men - our Husband and our Fathers. 

Therefore, as we get organized for Father's Day (Sunday, June 18th - in case you forgot) we have been looking for some extra special gifts. Here are our top unique picks for the Dad's in your life this year ... 

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1. This durable Herschel duffle bag will come in handy for whatever summer adventures he has on his agenda. 

2. What about a water buffalo horn tumbler set for his drink of choice? 

3. You have probably thought of giving a grill tool set before, but one that is shaped like his favorite past time is pretty unique! 

4. The Yeti Sidekick will keep the men in your life organized (win!win!) and also keep their belongings protected from the elements. 

5. Slippers are a staple gift but the Ugg Byron is sure to keep him smiling for weeks. 

6. How cool is this beer chilling coaster set? 

7. For the studious fellow, we think this glasses holder is a pretty great desktop accessory.  

8. Sometimes Dad's forget to replenish their wardrobe every season. What about a new Onia swim trunk to get him into relaxation mode?

If none of these gifts spark your interest, what about just planning a NEAT day with him? Let's be honest that is all they really want! 


the NEAT girls

Tuesday 12.13.16

No Wish List is Complete without Something NEAT!!

Did you really think we were going to have this many wish lists without sharing the latest and greatest NEAT products we LOVE?!?! We rounded up favorite products from all of our cities and picked the Top 5 Organizing Products that you must get for the organized person in your life. Or...for the person that needs to be a little more organized! 

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1. Both Meg in Orlando and Allo in Denver thought this acrylic organizer is the perfect gift for a girl that likes to be a little fancy!

2. Katie in San Diego has a big obsession with these copper boxes right now. The uses are quite endless with these! 

3. Tatiana in Miami thinks that the New Year's celebration isn't complete without a brand new planner to go with it! 

4. Brooke in Chicago found this modern paper organizer to make for the perfect filing system on your desk!

5. And...Ashley H. in DC suggested the world's cutest spice jars for the person that likes to take it a step further in their organized kitchen!

Tuesday 12.06.16

5 Gifts That Will Make Him Really Happy this Year!

Wouldn't you all agree that if your man is happy then you are, too! The way we see it is, if you buy him an extra special gift this holiday season then he will have no reason to not do the same in return, right?!?! Here are our top 5 gifts that are sure to make him want to buy you somehting equally as great! 

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1. Ashley H. in DC recommends these wireless speakers from Mr. Porter. 

2. Brooke in Chicago is looking to get her man a custom shirt from Knot Standard

3. Joyce in Naples thinks it's only fitting to up her husband's cooler game for their beach excursions. 

4. Allo in Denver wants to keep it simple with this amazing Shinola watch

5. Katie in San Diego is kind of loving this bag from Douglas Rose for all of her husband's travels. 

Happy Shopping NEAT Friends!


the NEAT girls

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