Friday 08.22.14

Ice Bucket Challenge NEAT Girl Style

If you aren't on social media, then you may not be fully aware of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge viral phenomenon that has been taking over our world for the past few weeks! ALS is near and dear to many of the NEAT girls hearts, so we were more than excited to support the challenge.

Our NEAT Method Miami girls kicked off the week in a truly organized fashion with these cute Kidecals labeled buckets and Chicago, Dallas, San Diego and Twin Cities fulfilled their nominations soon thereafter. Which video gets your vote?!?

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NEAT Miami ...

NEAT Chicago ...

NEAT Dallas ...

NEAT San Diego ... 

NEAT Twin Cities ...


Obviously there are a few (actually FOUR to be exact) cities who have yet to complete the challenge. We are letting them slide because they were busy organizing, but we hope they have something extra special up there sleeves for next week ... stay tuned!

the NEAT girls

Neat Method


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