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Monday 01.30.17

9 Products to Transform ANY Junk Drawer

This week, we shared with you a fun video of the NEAT girls organizing a junk drawer to perfection - did you love it!? We wanted to share a bit more about the products we used and other products that we love to complete this type of space. 

There are so many choices when it comes to a junk drawer. We have come to realize that sometimes, the junk doesn't even have a drawer! If that is the case, here are THREE options to store your "junk" that doesn't involve putting in the drawer. If you are a minimalist and just need a place to put some pens and a small amount of paper, this option from Russell + Hazel is for you! Let's take a minute and talk about this awesome, more masculine find at...... POTTERY BARN TEEN!! This is such a grown up look that we think can be used for.... well... grown ups! Finally, if you have a kids space that tends to accumulate junk, we love this playful, color coded caddy from Land of Nod. 

If you have a more traditional drawer, we have three options that are sure to suit you. The first is what we used in the video - the linus organizers from The Container Store. They are super clean and leave a junk drawer looking PRETTY (yes, you read that right!) Looking for an affordable and simple solution? It comes as no surprise that Ikea has you covered. Looking for something a bit more glamorous? We stumbled upon these at West Elm and love their look!

The final three are a bit outside of the box. If you have a cabinet that you keep your junk drawer items in, this lazy susan version from The Container Store is awesome! Looking for something aesthetically pleasing because it needs to be left out? Consider splurging on this beautiful holder from Pottery Barn. Finally, if you just need more of a "pop" of color (sorry we are always sharing neutrals!) then check out Poppin's website for some awesome options.

Remember, all it takes to live the NEAT life is to start with one drawer. We can't wait to hear about your space!


the NEAT girls

Wednesday 04.15.15

4 Pinterest Ideas That Don't Work

Don't get us wrong - we love Pinterest as much as the next person but sometimes, the spaces we see here are too good to be true...literally! This Thursday, we're going to help you save time and money before you pin images on your, "remodel inspiration" board. First up is the gorgeous bathroom. Nothing is prettier than the simplicity of this space. The part that isn't pretty is the drawer space... see how it is low at the bottom? If you are a female considering this space, where are you keeping your makeup that you wear everday? Do you have kids? Consider how easy it is for them to dig through whatever is in those drawers.

bathroom, modern bathroom, modern space, dark wood floors, home design, home style,

Next up is this pantry. GORGEOUS right?! When we looked closer at this image, we noticed the shelves are VERY shallow. Some of the plates in are even hanging over the edge a bit. It is important to measure your largest plate or item to ensure that the shelf depth will fit everything. This one certainly does not.  

kitchen, pantry, pantry space, home design, home style, professional organizer, home organizer, organizer

If you haven't seen, "Fixer Upper" it is a MUST! Chip and Joanna are beyond ADORABLE. This particular home that they finished has open shelves in the kitchen. This look is stunning however, you have to be the worlds biggest minimalist in order to make this work. Where are your dried foods living? How about the spices or baking supplies? Lots of these shelves are quite high so the first row is the only functional shelf space without the use of a step ladder. 

HGTV, Fixer upper, Chip Gaines, Joanna Gaines, home design, home style, modern home, open shelving, kitchen, organizer, professional organizer

Finally, we would like to introduce you to the hidden spice drawer! These are really sneaky and always impress people that have never seen them before. Unfortunately, if they are low, you cannot see what any of your spices are unless they are labeled on the top. If they are up high (like they are shown in this picture), then the top shelf is'nt functional because you can't see it! We would recommend sticking to a more traditional cabinet or drawer. 

Kitchen, kitchen cabinets, kitchen storage, kitchen design, home design, home style, professional organizer, home organizer, home style, organizer

Next time you see that beautiful dream space on Pinterest, don't forget to critically think about how functional the space actually is! We hope some of these ideas have helped save you from a remodeling mistake!


the NEAT girls

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Wednesday 03.18.15

Ready to WIN an hour with a NEAT girl?

As you might know, we have an amazing giveaway happening this week! A $50 gift certificate to The Organizing Store and an hour session with a NEAT girl is at stake! 

To enter, all you have to do is take a photo on instagram and use the hashtag, #newlyNEAT. Follow @NEATMethod and @theorganizingstore and you are entered to win! We want to have many winners so you can also hashtag your city and you will be entered for a chance to win an hour session on how to get NEAT in your own home! Check out some of the entries thus far!  


















Thank you to all of the contentants who have submitted photos thus far - great work! Remember, there is no space too big or small to photograph! Don't be shy - show us your space! 


the NEAT girls



Thursday 02.26.15

The NEAT Girls :: They're Just Like Us...

Inspired by our favorite page in US Weekly, we have decided to open the doors of our homes in a more unique way. Today, we will be showing you the most shameful, embarassingly messy drawers, bins, baskets and spaces of the NEAT girl's homes. Let's cut to the core of the NEAT team and take a look at the founder's spaces. First up is Ashley. I guess we will give her props for having drawer organizers... but this isn't something we would expect for a NEAT original. 

Ashley Murphy, Chicago, makeup, bathroom, messy drawers, organize makeup, professional organizer

Molly may win the prize for the messiest! WHAT. IS. THIS. DRAWER?! She claims that it keeps stationary and mailing supplies... we are baffled. 

Molly Graves, San Francisco, NEAT Method, professional organizer, junk drawer, organization

Molly's partner in crime in San Francisco, doesn't have much room to talk. Her tupperware needs a serious space lift. Do all the tops even have matching bottoms?? You know the rule, Lisa!

Lisa Ruff, tupperware, San Francisco, professional organizer, kitchen, unorganized kitchen

Messy Mika in Scottsdale has confessed that she has a problem starting books and not finishing them. This is where those books come to die live. She puts them in a basket - interesting choice Mika!

Mika Perry, Scottsdale, books, book organization, book basket, professional organizer

In Columbus, Julia would like to point the messy finger at her husband. This is his office drawer. Time for a little NEAT love Miss Julia!

Julia Purdy, Columbus, organizer, professional organizer, desk, office, home office, ohio, home organization, office organization

Katie is tired of her pajama drawer (see what we did there??) Has she read any of our posts about filing our clothes? We think not!

Katie Koentje, San Diego, pajamas, drawers, organized drawer, home organization,

Marissa just moved to a new home in Florida. She is embarassed to admit it has been weeks and some of the boxes only made it have way to the trash and ended up in the garage - and that their is a creepy santa in there too. Nothing like a swim suit wearing santa to welcome you to the neighborhood!

Marissa Hagmeyer, garage, South Florida, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, home organization, professional organization, home organizers,

Finally, we think this scene will look quite familair to many of our readers. We bring you the, OVER STUFFED FILE DRAWER brought to you by Brooke! She thinks exposing this photo will give her the motivation she needs to file these papers away properly. **Pro Tip ** Turn on your favorite trash tv show and the filing will be less daunting. 

Brooke Ruder, filing, home filing, filing drawers, home organization, professional organizers, Chicago,

Every consult we go to, our clients are embarassed to share their spaces. Clearly, we have some things to be embarassed about ourselves! Even though we love the NEAT life, we, too can sometimes have a hard time living it! We hope this helps you see that even a NEAT girl has a, "junk drawer."


the NEAT girls

Thursday 01.22.15

Life with a NEAT Wife (A Man's Perspective)

Hello NEAT-o's! This week we have something very special for you! One NEAT girl's husband is sharing his perspective on living the NEAT life and we are sure you are going to ENJOY every bit of these (comical) tips! Before we get started, we thought we would share a bit about our guest blogger. Russ Perry is married to Mika (our NEAT Scottsdale girl) and happens to be an entrepreneur himself. Check out his perspective on living the NEAT life!

Mika Perry, Russ Perry, wedding, beautiful couple, pickle designs, Scottsdale, Arizona, professional organizer, tips, organizing, man cave, mens clothes, mens style, fashion
Hi, my name is Russ Perry, and I have a NEAT wife.
Before I met Mika, my life was, well, not neat. I am one of those “creative” types and never in a million years would I have thought to put dishes away in the same cabinet – EVERY TIME – or to actually label bins with what’s inside (amazing trick by the way). The truth is – now that I’ve made the transition, the NEAT life is pretty awesome. I still remember the first day my closet was organized and my wardrobe increased by 50%. Turns out when you store shirts on the floor, you tend to forget about them. 
But let’s rewind a little bit. For a large majority of men, a NEAT life is not something that appears out of nowhere. Unless you are born with the NEAT gene, there are only two ways it happens: 
You actually hire NEAT Method
You meet that special NEAT-er someone.
I happen to be in the second camp, and years before Mika was an official NEAT girl, the transformation began. If you’ve experienced this transition you know exactly what I mean. Your favorite college t-shirt goes missing. Your shower has 10 new products perfectly aligned. The junk drawer becomes the small-items-well-organized drawer.
If this has yet to happen, I am here to help, and if you follow my guide below, you’ll be lightyears ahead of most men faced with the same journey. 
Organizing steps, meme, getting organized, organizing ideas, Mika Perry, Russ Perry, wedding, beautiful couple, pickle designs, Scottsdale, Arizona, professional organizer, tips, organizing, man cave, mens clothes, mens style, fashion
How To Survive A NEAT life transition
1. Be Aware – The first step is to make sure you know when a NEAT transition is happening. This allows you to proceed with the rest of the steps. I’ve included a few signs above, but here are several more indicators: 1 - Frequent trips to the Container Store. 2 – An influx of chalk labels. 3 – A lot of quinoa in acrylic containers
Kitchen, Pantry, pantry ideas, pasta containers, plastic containers, labels, Mika Perry, Russ Perry, wedding, beautiful couple, pickle designs, Scottsdale, Arizona, professional organizer, tips, organizing, man cave, mens clothes, mens style, fashion
2. Acceptance – When you have found your soulmate – and that soulmate possesses a NEAT aesthetic far more advanced than your own – the transition is inevitable. Like the T-1000, she will be relentless. Persistent. Never stopping. You can resist, you can complain, but until she’s changed the course of your organizational future, she will never rest until her mission is complete. 
3. Document – You know what’s happening. You’ve accepted what’s happening. Now it is time to do what you can to preserve memories of your past non-NEAT life. To ease the separation pain from your amazing pewter belt buckle collection, all those hilarious t-shirts made during your screenprinting phase, and an awesome soccer scarf from Croatia, take photos of them as soon as possible. I prefer to keep the photos in an Evernote notebook called “Awesome Things I Used To Own And Now Are Missing”. Trust me this notebook will get very full. 
belt buckles, vintage buckles, Mika Perry, Russ Perry, wedding, beautiful couple, pickle designs, Scottsdale, Arizona, professional organizer, tips, organizing, man cave, mens clothes, mens style, fashion
4. Learn the systems – One part of being NEAT is a rhyme and reason for all your important spaces throughout the home. Learning where things go, how they are stored, and the system of categorization as soon as possible will put you in an organizational flow state. 
5. Own your own NEAT – The final step is to eventually foster a little NEAT inside yourself. Taking 5-10 minutes a day to mirror your counterpart’s organizational obsession will pay out 100x in the long run. I will never be able to color coordinate a closet, but I can keep my ties neatly rolled in small cubbies. The more you think about being NEAT, surprisingly, the easier it becomes.
tie organizer, mens closet, mens style, hangers, Mika Perry, Russ Perry, wedding, beautiful couple, pickle designs, Scottsdale, Arizona, professional organizer, tips, organizing, man cave, mens clothes, mens style, fashion
Everyone’s NEAT life transition will be different – and if that partner has yet to come into your life, perhaps proactive NEATness will do the trick. Either way – I really do love my newer, NEAT-er life and wouldn’t trade it for the world. 
Best of luck – oh, one more thing – I seem to be missing my vintage Star Trek windbreaker signed by Warren G. If you happen to find it, please do let me know…
Warren G, Vintage shirt, goodwill, donate, Mika Perry, Russ Perry, wedding, beautiful couple, pickle designs, Scottsdale, Arizona, professional organizer, tips, organizing, man cave, mens clothes, mens style, fashion

About our Author - Russ Perry is an Arizona native and has spent the last 10 years working with brands such as Apple, LG, Morgan Stanley and the Harlem Globetrotters. In 2014, he founded Design Pickle, a startup that provides unlimited graphic design help for only $195 per month. Russ believes there is a better way to get your day-to-day graphic design done and it doesn’t have to cost you a small fortune or even worse – take up all your time. Learn more about Russ and his startup at DesignPickle.com/neat

pickle designs, graphic design, small business, free design help, Mika Perry, Russ Perry, wedding, beautiful couple, pickle designs, Scottsdale, Arizona, professional organizer, tips, organizing, man cave, mens clothes, mens style, fashion
Tuesday 12.30.14

The Great Christmas Take Down

As we're about to ring in the New Year and say our goodbyes to 2014, many of us are probably racing around the house trying to pack up and store holiday decor before the NYE festivities.

Knowing how to organize holiday decor can be difficult - mainly because everything is in one hundred different shapes and sizes, the majority is fragile, and quite honestly... you just want to shove it all in random boxes and be done with it! We don't blame you! But, the truth is, if you take the time to organize your decorations now, it will make for easier storage throughout the year and easier decorating for the next holiday season!

We've rounded up our favorite organizational solutions to help get you on your way to having the MOST organized holiday storage area on the block!

holiday decor, holiday decorations, christmas decorations, organize holiday decor, christmas decor organization, how to organize holiday decor, tips to organize christmas decor

We LOVE using ornament bins for clients and ourselves! They have the perfect dividers to keep each ornament protected in it's own compartment. And for families that have children who like to decorate the tree with their personal ornaments, it's a nice touch to designate a labeled bin for each child in the family. That way, when it's time to decorate the tree next year...you can just hand each child their box (stress free, with no fights!)!

ornament bin, ornament organizer, holiday decor bins, organize christmas decorations, christmas organization, holiday organization, decor organization, christmas ornaments, christmas ornament organizer

For those larger ornaments that won't necessarily fit in the ornament bins, we recommend using larger bins and lots of layers of bubble wrap! Here is an example of a client's christmas decorations we organized in wine country! We used these bins to keep the larger ornaments protected.

ornament bin, ornament organizer, holiday decor bins, organize christmas decorations, christmas organization, holiday organization, decor organization, christmas ornaments, christmas ornament organizer, molly graves, neat method, molly neat method, wine country home, napa home, sonoma home, st helena homes

How to store all those strands of lights, without creating the biggest tangled mess ever? We suggest the Wing-Lid Light Storage Boxes from The Container Store...OR even just an unused clothes hanger will do!

hanger to organize lights, clothes hanger, clothes hanger to organize christmas lights, how to organize christmas lights, christmas light organization

Instead of letting those Holiday dinnerware sets take up important space in your kitchen for the entire year, we suggest storing them in various sizes of Holiday China Storage Organizers from The Organizing Store. With these red and green canvas organizers, you will surely know to pull these out around the holiday season next year!

fine china organizers, christmas plate organizer, china organizers, china protectors, fine china protectors

Now what to do when you've finished taking down and organizing all the holiday decor? Treat yourself with a nice glass of NYE bubbles!

And if you find yourself unmotivated to tackle the Christmas leftovers... Treat yourself with NEAT Method for a day! ;)

Cheers to you and 2015!


the NEAT girls

nye, nye bubbles, new years eve bubbles, bubbles, champagne bubbles, champagne bubble tower, champagne tower, nye drinks, nye cocktails, 2015 nye, new years eve parties 2015


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