Tuesday 03.20.12

It's True! You Can Take the Girl Out of the South, but....

You Can't Take the South Out of the Girl!!!

We have returned from our much anticipated trip to the South and we can't express enough how grateful we are for this experience! Savannah, are officially the nicest town on the planet!

When Manpacks first asked if we wanted to be a part of their Better Man contest, of course we were thrilled, but to end up with the location and the winner that we did, was a true blessing! However, we would be lying if we didn't say we were a little worried for figuring out the logistics of this project. It's not everyday that the NEAT Method girls aren't near a Container Store!

You see, typically we go into a home, organize the space and then take all of the necessary measurements, counts, space planning ideas and then head to a store that has all of the containers/storage solutions that we could possibly need. In this case, we did it all backwards since the nearest Container Store was two hours away. We picked our favorite storage solutions and crossed our fingers. Overall, we think the results were pretty dang good (if we do say so ourselves!)

Messy Closet, unorganized, lots of clothes, womens clothes

Blair's wife's closet needed some help, especially in the shoe department.

Organized closet, home organization, home, closet, baskets

We stored all of her winter shoes and then added some great racks and baskets for the rest.

unorganized dresser, messy dresser, messy home

This large dresser was a "catch all" for various items.

organized dresser, home organized, brown dresser, wooden dresser

We decided that it would make the perfect place for accessorites and jeans.

mens closet, messy man, unorganized

Blair's closet also had a minor shoe problem.

organized closet, shoe rack, matching hangers

The best solution was an over the door shoe hanger with some great color coordination of the clothes.

unorganized kitchen, book shelves, books, trinkets

This beautiful shelf was used for cookbooks that were in disarray.

organized shelves, books, neat

Just a little magic touch from NEAT :)

messy drawer, kitchen, messy kitchen, unorganized

Does this look familiar?

organized, bamboo insert, drawer insert, organized kitchen

Consider choosing the best set and donating the rest!

spices, unorganized spices, kitchen cabinet,

These spices were a little out of control.

organizing tips, spice racks, tiered spice rack, organized

After discarding expired spices and combining doubles, this spice shelf was ready to go!

Kitchen pantry, messy pantry, kitchen food, lots of food

Any finally the ever familiar kitchen pantry!

organizing tips, organized pantry, organizing the home, kitchen pantry

By moving all children's snacks down and dry foods for cooking higher up, this pantry became a true beauty!


Still haven't had enough of our trip?  Check out this video interview of our winner, Blair!

NEAT + Manpacks = Better Man in 2012 from NEAT Method on Vimeo.

Tuesday 12.27.11

We Will Make Y'all NEAT!

With a state that has the reputation of Southen drawls, Southern Bells, amazing barbeque and even better music, NEAT could not be more thrilled to be heading to Tennessee to help a lucky Manpacks contest winner become a, "Better Man" in 2012! If you did not read our post from earlier this month, NEAT was comissioned by Manpacks to help search for one man and assist him in achieving his goals in 2012.  We will be doing our part by organizing his kitchen and bedroom and Manpacks will be giving him a free years subscription to their amazing manly goods. 

Tennessee Necklace, Nashville, Silver Necklace

Our Current Questions Regarding our Upcoming Trip:

- Will we get a little tan?

- Can we wear cowboy boots to the job?

- How much barbeque can we eat in two days before it is considered, "too much"?

Tennessee print, Tennessee Art

What You Can Expect From NEAT:

- Amazing footage of NEAT traveling

- Some impressive before and after photos

- Lots of Facebook and Twitter Updates regarding the food we eat, and the things we see

- Basically two days of non stop entertainment from the road 


Molly & Ashley

White Picket Fence, Pasture, Green grass, countryside

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Tuesday 12.27.11

Manpacks Failed Resolutions Survey Wrap Up

As you know, NEAT has teamed up with Manpacks to help one lucky man become a, "Better Man" in 2012. With the winner being announced shortly, we thought we would share a link to the three statistcs we learned about New Years resolutions from the thousands of you who entered to win :)  Stay tuned for the big announcement!!  


Molly & Ashley



New Years, Glitter, Happy New Year

:: New Years picture found here ::

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