Wednesday 11.16.11

'Tis the Season...For Babies!!!

It seems like everyone we know is calling to tell us the good news that they are…EXPECTING!!!! Always wonderful news to receive from close friends and family…but, seriously is there something in the water? Please let us know. NEAT is not quite ready for any NEAT-O’s just yet!!!

With such exciting news from so many moms-to-be, we thought we would share our favorite tips on preparing a baby’s room in the most organized and efficient way possible. We may be no experts with babies, but we’ve got the nursery setup down. 



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Tip #1::

Bins & Baskets. You MUST have lots of small bins and baskets for all of the baby’s little items. We recommend placing smaller ones inside of the individual drawers, in order to easily separate each item and larger ones in the closet filled with blankets, linens and extra supplies. The good news is you can reuse them for toys and art supplies, as the baby gets older. This is one of our favorites from the Container Store!

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Tip #2::

Location. Location. Location. Make sure to place all essentials within reach of where you will be using them. For example, your changing table area should contain diapers, wipes, diaper cream, q-tips, nail clippers, pacifiers and our all time favorite, the laundry basket since this is where you will be changing the baby. Oh...and make sure to have a basket filled with burp clothes near the space you feed the little one.

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Tip #3::

Fold instead of hang- Due to the amount of clothing your child will go through in a day. It is so much easier to maintain a drawer of folded clothing (or hide a drawer of un-folded….wink. wink.) Obvioulsy having the individual drawer dividers always makes it easier to keep items categorized. We recommend leaving the hanging space for special occasion clothing or coats. 

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Tip #4:

Buy extra storage- Make sure you have a few extra storage containers for when the baby starts to out grow it's clothing. This way you are able to easily label those bins (0-3 months, etc.) and place them in storage for a future bambino or for donation. Again, one of our favorites from the Container Store

We wish all of you who drank the water the BEST and please let us know if would like our help getting ready for your little NEAT-O!



Ashley & Molly






Excellent suggestions!  Having just entered this world myself, I think the organization of the areas for changing is crucial.  The last thing you want to do is hunt for more baby wipes when you've got an active situation on your hands.  Of course, this is probably unavoidable at least sometimes!  Having a few baskets for the common necessities handy has really helped us minimize the mess and the headache.

Its a very good tips for the parents, decoratint the baby's room with proper degign and proper plece it looks very beautiful. If place the baby materials in proper place, when searching for any materials then you got it easily.


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