10 Holiday Gift Ideas We Love

Thursday, November 18, 2021

As organizers, we're just a little more selective than the average person when bringing something into our home. So, you can trust that our gift guide only includes pieces we absolutely love. Here are some of our favorite gift ideas this holiday season. 

1. Big Kiss Kit by Bkr

We're all about sustainable products like glass water bottles, but the included lip balm in the lid of the kiss kit, make this one our favorite so far! Can you say multi-purpose?

2. Instead Deck by Inner Workout

Instead is a deck created by our friend, Taylor Elyse Morrison, that helps pull you away from screens and into self care. So basically, it's perfect for everyone.

3. Helma Teapot by Lulu and Georgia

Is it too far to call this teapot an art piece? We're as obsessed with looking at the Helma as we are with using it. Enough said. 

4. Soy Candle Set by Snowe 

A favorite of NEAT co-founder, Ashley Murphy's. Whoever you gift this five scent set to, is bound to fall in love with at least one - but it's more likely they won't be able to choose.

5. Minimalista by Shira Gill

It's true. We're suckers for things that are gorgeous and functional, and this stunning book by our friend, Shira Gill is no exception. Inspiring read and gorgeous on display. You can't really go wrong. 

6. Coconut Calm Multi-Surface Cleaner by Cleaner Soul

We never thought we'd say we love a cleaner, but Cleaner Soul's sustainable packaging and amazing coconut scent make us want to clean our house all day. If only we weren't so busy organizing...

7. Weekender by Paravel

Quality over quantity. The Weekender by Paravel is definitely that - chic in design, stain-repellent, and made from upcycled waterbottles. This one is a bit of an investment, so you may just want to add to your own wishlist... No judgements here!

8. Mini Saints Necklace by No.3

Quality jewelry is always a win. We love this 18k gold vermeil piece by No.3 for everyday wear. 

9. Praline Gift Box by La Maison du Chocolat

If you've never had La Maison du Chocolat, you are missing out. Grab a box for you and one for a friend. These decadent chocolates put Hershey's to shame. 

10. Rose Gold Straws by Ever Eco

And because paper straws just don't cut it, these are the perfect addition to any go-bag, or stocking. Be kind to the environment and look good doing it. 



The NEAT Team


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