10 Things You’ve Been Dying to Know About a NEAT Girl!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

We get asked time and time again, "What exacly makes you so NEAT?"! Well, besides the obvious (ha!), we thought it was only fitting to share just what makes one a little NEATer (aka, more OCD organized) than the next. Here are out Top 10 habits that make us so neat & organized :: 

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1. We make our beds every morning. Go figure!

2. We put out our coffee mugs and fill our water bottles the night before. 

3. We delete all "junk" emails before even getting out of bed in the morning. 

4. We make a To-do list (another obvious one, we know!)

5. We perfectly straighten the couch pillows before going to bed. 

6. We tuck away all of the TV remotes leftover from the night before. 

7. We clean all of the dishes and start dishwasher before going to bed. 

8. We open all of the window shades/curtains before leaving the house. 

9. We check the weather and lay out an appropriate outfit the night before. 

10. And the BEST and final one… We freak out if our routine gets thrown off AT ALL. And heaven forbid if we ever lose our to-do lists. 


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