3 Up and Coming Apps That Will Do the Housework For You!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Now that we're at the end of March and the snow is FINALLY melting, it is time to start thinking about Spring cleaning. At NEAT Method, this means that we start to hear the common question from clients again…. "Are you cleaning ladies?" The short answer is "NO" – but, since we are a very organized bunch, we have rounded up three amazing Phone/Tablet apps that can help get your household tasks completed that you've been holding off on doing all winter long!

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Tip #1 :: Try Wash.io

Are you currently looking at a stack of laundry that is literally overflowing your laundry basket? Wash.io is the answer to all of your problems! Simply schedule a time you would like your laundry (and dry cleaning!) picked up, as well as any specific instructions. Wash.io will send you a "Ninja" to take your laundry. Within 24 hours time, it will arrive back at your door clean and folded. Then, if you can't seem to get the clothes back into the drawers… you can always call NEAT! 🙂 

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Tip #2 :: No kitchen skills? Call Munchery!

Although Munchery is currently only in the Bay Area, we are certain other major cities will have this app soon! Every morning, Munchery emails you a list of meals (with a photo and description) that you can order and have delivered that evening for dinner. These meals are created by local chefs, and at an affordable price. If making dinner is a chore for you, Munchery will be your new best friend!

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Tip #3 :: In over your head this Spring and need a lot of help? Hire an Exec.

Although this is not exactly an up and coming app…. it definitely needs to be mentioned! If you are looking for a cleaning service to really dig in and get your home ready for Spring, Exec is where you will find the help you need! All you need to do is set up an account on the app and you are on your way to a clean home!

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Now that we have you covered when it comes to your Spring Cleaning chores, go out and enjoy the lovely weather!


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