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Since the NEAT girls spend a lot of time in beautiful closets we are constantly color-coding the latest and greatest fashion pieces. However, that certainly does NOT mean we are fashion experts. In fact, we would never offer fashion advice instead we refer anyone who asks to one of our Stylist friends. We love working with them, and learning from them too!

Today we are interviewing one of favorite Chicago stylists, Alyssa from Cochic Styling, to bring you tips to enhance your wardrobe in 2016!

CoChic Styling Logo, Alyssa Doorhy, Chicago Stylist

NM :: Tell us a little about yourself – where are you from? How long have you lived there?

Alyssa :: I am from Batavia, IL, a western suburb of Chicago. After graduating college in 2008, I moved to Chicago and have lived here ever since. I met my husband here, who is also from a Chicago suburb, so I don't think we'll ever leave. Good thing I love it! 😉

CoChic Styling Logo, Alyssa Doorhy, Chicago Personal Shopper

NM :: We certainly share your love for Chicago. What is your background, how did you get into styling?

Alyssa :: I owned a women's boutique for four years and really enjoyed styling clients who came into the boutique. I love the fashion industry but decided retail wasn't for me. Personal styling was the best next step for me in my career.

CoChic Styling Logo, Alyssa Doorhy, Chicago Stylist

NM :: That’s awesome! Do you have any particular areas that you specialize in?

Alyssa :: There is a common misconception that only rich people and celebrities have stylists, but I work with any budget to help style the "everyday" woman who wants to be more comfortable and confident in what she's wearing. I also specialize in wedding styling, styling everyone's wardrobe from the bridal party, to the mother of the bride to the bride's favorite aunt.

CoChic Styling Logo, Alyssa Doorhy, Chicago Bridal Stylist

NM :: If someone is looking to do 3 things to step up their style in 2016 what advice would you give them? Do you have any ‘must have pieces’ that believe all closets should have?

Alyssa :: 1. Do yourself a favor and clean out your closet! I always recommend doing a closet clean out before a personal styling session because once you refine your closet, getting rid of items that you don't wear anymore, you will have a clearer view of what your personal style is, and then you can shop accordingly.

2. Hire a personal stylist! Even if you have good style, it's always helpful to get a professional opinion. You can learn new ways to put outfits together and try outfits you may not have thought to try.

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3. Don't give into new trends if they don't fit in with your lifestyle, personal style or age. If you are comfortable wearing trends, go for it! If not, go for classic pieces that will stand the test of time. Must-have pieces vary based on a woman's lifestyle but I'd say some important basics are: well-fitting dark wash jeans in whatever style flatters your body; a crisp white button down shirt; well-fitting undergarments; black ankle boots; and a little black dress. "Well-fitting" is the key term. The least expensive garment will look like a million bucks if it fits perfectly.

CoChic Styling Logo, Alyssa Doorhy, Chicago Stylist

NM :: Thanks for the advice, now let’s talk CoChic Styling + NEAT! We’ve heard you worked with Brooke. What have you done together?

Alyssa :: Yes! Brooke was so fun to work with. I styled her engagement photos! I brought her several items to choose from, and we chose what outfits she was most comfortable in, what was most flattering and what would look best in photos.

Brooke Ruder, Andrew Nieman, CoChic Styling, Chicago Stylist, Engagement Shoot


Brooke Ruder, Andrew Nieman, CoChic Styling, Chicago Stylist, Engagement Shoot



Brooke Ruder, Andrew Nieman, CoChic Styling, Chicago Stylist, Engagement Shoot

Photo Credit :: Vrai, Kristina Carter

Well this has been great Alyssa. Thanks so much for giving us a glimpse into a Stylist's life! We sure think CoChic is pretty NEAT. 

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