4 Pinterest Ideas That Don’t Work

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Don’t get us wrong – we love Pinterest as much as the next person but sometimes, the spaces we see here are too good to be true…literally! This Thursday, we’re going to help you save time and money before you pin images on your, “remodel inspiration” board. First up is the gorgeous bathroom. Nothing is prettier than the simplicity of this space. The part that isn’t pretty is the drawer space… see how it is low at the bottom? If you are a female considering this space, where are you keeping your makeup that you wear everday? Do you have kids? Consider how easy it is for them to dig through whatever is in those drawers.

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Next up is this pantry. GORGEOUS right?! When we looked closer at this image, we noticed the shelves are VERY shallow. Some of the plates in are even hanging over the edge a bit. It is important to measure your largest plate or item to ensure that the shelf depth will fit everything. This one certainly does not.

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If you haven’t seen, “Fixer Upper” it is a MUST! Chip and Joanna are beyond ADORABLE. This particular home that they finished has open shelves in the kitchen. This look is stunning however, you have to be the worlds biggest minimalist in order to make this work. Where are your dried foods living? How about the spices or baking supplies? Lots of these shelves are quite high so the first row is the only functional shelf space without the use of a step ladder.

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Finally, we would like to introduce you to the hidden spice drawer! These are really sneaky and always impress people that have never seen them before. Unfortunately, if they are low, you cannot see what any of your spices are unless they are labeled on the top. If they are up high (like they are shown in this picture), then the top shelf is’nt functional because you can’t see it! We would recommend sticking to a more traditional cabinet or drawer.

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Next time you see that beautiful dream space on Pinterest, don’t forget to critically think about how functional the space actually is! We hope some of these ideas have helped save you from a remodeling mistake!


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