4 Ways to Help Your Food Cravings

I bet you thought we were going to give you that magic answer on how to stop eating as much! Well…sorry friends, it turns out that solution doesn’t exist.

However, have you opened your fridge lately and found moldy berries or discovered your milk expired last week?? Umm yeah…who would let that happen?!?! We've found some NEAT solutions that are not only adorable, but practical. Now you can actually open your fridge and be inspried to consume all of the beautifully displayed food (all healthy of course)!


We find that by putting your milk, water or juices in a glass carafe somehow makes them seem fresher! Almost like we are at our very own bed & breakfast…everyday!

Juice, Kitchen organization, organizing tips, refrigerator

Are you like us and buy eggs for one recipe and then forget about them? Try this fun ceramic egg dish and see if it helps inspire you to whip up an omelet more often. 

Ceramic egg crate, blue crate, eggs, Kitchen organization, organizing tips, refridgerator

Let's be honest, the majority of your condiments crammed in the doors of your fridge are more than likely expired or will never be used. We have found these coasters make us want to go through the unnecessary items more often. There obviously needs to be some open space to show off your "fashion forward fridge"!

Juice, Kitchen organization, organizing tips, refrigerator

How cute are these berry baskets? Need we say more. Get yourselves to your local farmers market and stock up. Yum!

Ceramic Berry holder, Kitchen organization, organizing tips, refrigerator

We hope your mouth is watering as much as ours and your craving more of the NEAT life!

p.s. Fine…we don't really have all of these items in our refridgerators, but the ORGANIZERS in us wish we did. 


The NEAT girls

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  • Kev

    Those fridge coasters will be in my fridge shortly…if you need to do a real-life fridge fashion shoot 🙂

  • Law

    I remembered this post when I saw some cute but cheaper alternatives to these fun fridge enhancers in the Target summer outdoor entertaining section.. Check them out!

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