5 Steps to an Organized Closet

Friday, March 22, 2024

After years of organizing closets, we've learned a thing or two about what makes them tick (and a lot about what doesn't). Follow these 5 simple steps and your space will be NEAT and elevated in no time. 

1. Matching Hangers

If you do nothing else to organize your closet, switch your hangers to a matching set. Yes, it makes the space visually cleaner and elevated, but even more importantly, it ensures everything hangs at the same level. We especially love slim hangers that save space and allow you to hang more items on your closet rod. Whatever style and color of hanger you choose, stick to it. 

2. Coordinating Bins

You can mimic a drawer by corralling categories like scarves, swimwear and athletic wear within individual bins on an open closet shelf. The key is make sure you select matching or coordinating options. Using mismatched bins or baskets can often make the space appear visually cluttered which distracts from the overall aesthetic. One extra tip: always repeat the same bin across the same shelf. 

3. File Folded Clothing

We are huge fans of hanging as much as you can, because it's typically easier to put items away on a hanger. However, folding within drawers or bins is usually necessary due to lack of space. When storing folded clothing, you can save a ton of space by file folding. Not only that, but doing so allows you to see everything in one quick glance. Simply fold everything to height of the drawer or bin, then store in upright rows with the fold facing out. 


4. Shoe Shelves

Every closet should have a dedicated home for shoes where you can see your collection lined up. Depending on the amount of space available and the design of your closet, you may need to add modular shelves to make that happen. Arrange them by type, then color code within each category. Not enough shelves? Corral sandals in a single bin to save space. 

5. Accessories Display

If space allows, utilize eye level shelves or above to display jewelry, handbags, hats and clutches. You may need to implement stands, risers or handbag inserts to provide structure and increase visibility. The purpose? Keep those items in sight and you'll be far more likely to use them. 


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