6 Common Organizing Mistakes

Thursday, May 3, 2018

The weather keeps getting warmer, but we’re still in the Spring Cleaning mood. If you’re inspired to tackle your own home this season, be sure you don’t fall into these organizing mistakes. Trust us, we’ve been there!

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1. Not removing all items

Sometimes organizing projects can be overwhelming, so it can be tempting to cut corners by simply moving things around and not taking everything out – but don’t do it! You never know what’s hiding in the corners of your pantry, the bottom of the drawer, or wherever else. Also, once everything is out it’s a great opportunity to give the space a quick cleaning.

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2. Biting off too much

Speaking of overwhelming, it’s better to start slow and build momentum than get overwhelmed. Especially if you’re not a fan of organizing… start with something manageable – like the junk drawer and then begin to tackle bigger spaces. Sure, it’ll take longer, but you’re more likely to finish!


3. Buying products ahead of time

How can you possibly know what you need before you know exactly what you have? We suggest doing a shop after your items are sorted and categories are set.

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4. Guessing the measurements

Measure, measure, measure! It’s such a bummer to find gorgeous bins that you love only to bring them home and they don’t fit in your space. It’s much better to problem solve while you’re out shopping than have to do it all over again. Trust us… measure!!

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5. Skipping the last step – labeling

Although it may seem obvious that if there’s a bin full of bread, that everyone will know bread goes there… but what about when the bin is empty, or one of your family members claims “they don’t know,” just a few examples of how labels can keep you NEAT.

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6. Doing it alone

If you get to a point where everything is pulled out of your closets, you’re overwhelmed and don’t even know where to start… you can always call your local NEAT team to save you the trouble. Just like house cleaning, lawn work and taxes, sometimes it’s just better to delegate the task to a professional!

We hope with these tips you can avoid making those common mistakes and actually enjoy your organizing experience. And if not, we’re always just a call away!


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