6 Sustainable Tips for Getting and Staying Organized

Thursday, April 20, 2023

Ready to get organized but not sure how to do it responsibly? Waste is inevitable but it doesn't always have to be harmful. We're sharing all the sustainable choices we try to make when organizing our clients' homes. 

1. Spare the paper towels

We always suggest giving your space a good wipe down during and after any organizing project. When cleaning up, use fabric cloths or try a mini vac instead of single use paper towels. 

2. Send damaged and remnant textiles to For Days

We're big fans of editing out torn or stained linens but, they're likely not good candidates for donation. Order a Take Back Bag from For Days, fill it up and send it off to be recycled. You can also drop old textiles at your local H&M and receive a discount on your next purchase. Or, they can always be used as rags. 

3. Collect wire hangers 

If, when organizing your closet, you decide to say goodbye to the flimsy wire hangers that come from the dry cleaners - don't toss them! Most dry cleaners will take them back and reuse. Separate them from wood and plastic hangers and drop them at your local cleaner on your next visit. 

4. Give specialty recyclables a designated home

Most of us are used to giving curbside recyclables a separate bin, but the same should be done for specialty items like light bulbs, old electronics, and damaged textiles. This will keep piles from gathering in the corners of your home before you get a chance to take them to the appropriate recycling center. Don't forget to label your vessel of choice!

5. Reference The Donation List

Not sure where to donate all the items you've edited in your organizing process? Avoid the landfill and reference our list of mail-in and local options for making sure they are properly reused or recycled. 

6. Choose sustainable organizing products

Whenever possible, avoid purchasing plastic products, including the bins, baskets and canisters you organize with. Opt for glass, metal, wood, and other items made from natural and renewable or recyclable materials. Our Grid Baskets, Reeded Rattan Bins and Glass Jars are great options and were created with this in mind. 


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