Organizing with Purpose | A Heartwarming Project at Orangewood Foundation

Wednesday, December 13, 2023

While a typical project at NEAT involves organizing within a home, on occasion we step outside the norm for something truly special. Recently, Katie Koentje from NEAT Method Orange County and Tracey Kuennen from NEAT Method San Diego East, along with a fantastic team of organizers, rolled up their sleeves for a rewarding project at the Orangewood Foundation in Santa Ana, California. 

A Little Bit About Orangewood Foundation

Orangewood Foundation is like a superhero for young people in Orange County. They're all about helping almost 2,000 youths every year to overcome challenges and chase their dreams. These amazing folks provide everything from a hot meal to life skills workshops and even scholarships. They're making a real difference in the lives of those who have faced hardships, including youth who've been through the foster care system or are survivors of human trafficking.

The Heart of Orangewood Foundation: Kitchen and Pantry

Imagine a place where you can just walk in and shop for groceries whenever you need them. That's what the pantry at Orangewood Foundation is like for the youth there. And the kitchen? It's where all the magic happens – breakfast and lunch every weekday, and dinner twice a week, mostly whipped up by kind volunteers.

NEAT to the Rescue!

Here's where NEAT Method stepped in. Katie, Tracey, and the NEAT Method Orange County and San Diego teams volunteered two weekend days to organize the Closet and Kitchen at Orangewood Foundation. They brought in most of the organizing products needed (with a little help from a grant) and fully transformed these spaces. We're talking about making the pantry feel like a real grocery store and the closet a dignified place to pick out new clothes.

Closet Makeover: New Clothes with Dignity

Orangewood Foundation believes every young person should feel good in what they wear. So, they make sure all the clothes in the closet are brand new. Whether it’s for a job interview or just because, the youth get to choose new outfits, making them feel valued and respected.

Lend a Hand to Orangewood Foundation

Orangewood Foundation is always looking for support. They have wish lists on Amazon for their holiday drive and for all-year-round needs. It's a great way to help out if you can.

This whole project was such an important reminder of how organizing can really make a difference in people’s lives. It's not just about getting NEAT; it's about bringing order, joy, and hope. Hats off to Katie Koentje, Tracey Kuennen and the NEAT Method Orange County and San Diego teams for their incredible work at Orangewood Foundation!


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