A NEAT Day of Service

Tuesday, February 6, 2024

In an effort to give back to our community, we ended the year with our first annual NEAT Day of Service. Throughout December, NEAT owners were encouraged to connect with a family, household, or business in need to donate their organizing services and products to. Take a look at just a few highlights of the inspiring projects that resulted…

NEAT Method San Francisco East Bay

Organizer: Lauren Rosenthal
Project: Bancroft Elementary School Teachers’ lounge

"Our teacher/staff lounge was in need of an upgrade! We wanted to give them a space that is aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate during their short breaks. We swapped out mismatched bins in their coffee/snack area and provided labels to help them maintain this system that is utilized by so many teachers/staff.  We also created a donation zone for them to keep the space clean while creating a system for outbound items. We will periodically pop in to help them get rid of the donation items throughout the upcoming school year.  Since we worked in tandem with another volunteer, who added some design elements (new table, lounge chair slip covers, pillows, etc.), the space felt like it received a full makeover and our teachers/staff were thrilled!" - Lauren

NEAT Method Grand Rapids

Organizer: Kristian Dunning
Project: Kitchen and pantry for a family with 5 children under 5 years old, including newborn twins!

"Anders and Hannah are an amazing and deserving family! They recently moved, and with 5 children under 5 years old, we knew they could use a little bit of help getting settled. We focused on the kitchen and pantry but were also able to touch almost every room in the house! The highlight for us was the fun we had with their kids!" - Kristian

NEAT Method Hartford

Organizer: Melissa Porter
Project: Meals on Wheels fundraising department swag and supplies

"I met Ileana and after talking with her and realizing she is pulled in so many directions, I felt the best way to help her in her non-profit job was to give her an organized space.  My team went in and reorganized her office space, a storage space and all the fundraising swag and golf tournament items.  She is so thrilled, she can see and find everything." - Melissa

NEAT Method Nashville 

Organizer: Holly Trepka
Project: Pantry for a mother of 3 and surrogate for her sister’s baby

"Catherine is a previous client, who was in need of a refresh for her pantry that we had organized over 4 years ago. Catherine is always supporting our local community and those in need, and we were honored to surprise her with a “glow up” of her space. " - Holly

NEAT Method Memphis

Organizer: Erica Miller
Project: Storage closet for Life Choices of Memphis, a licensed adoption agency that also offers free medical, counseling, and education services for women. 

"Life Choices does so much for our community and personally, this organization has had an impact on my life and the life of my family when we adopted our daughter through LC in 2017. I was excited for the opportunity to organize a space for them at their primary office location. The “media closet” is a small storage space that is home to most of their business and marketing materials. I was able to reorganize and rework the space, using some of our product and labels to add a touch of NEAT! Bonus - my kids got to participate and help with the project!" - Erica

NEAT Method Dallas Frisco

Organizer: Lyndsey Morgan
Project: Vaughn Elementary Teachers’ Lounge and PTA Storage Room

"The PTA storage room is a multi-use space that sees a high volume of traffic throughout the day. Our goal was to establish a system that is intuitive and easy to maintain by both parents and teachers alike. Simple storage bins and clear, concise labeling were key factors in creating a system that will last for years to come." - Lyndsey

NEAT Method Katy

Organizer: Lindsay Plum
Project: Bryant Elementary Teachers’ Lounge

"The Bryant Elementary Teachers’ Lounge serves as a break room and kitchen alike. We wanted to honor the teachers and staff with a space that works just as hard as they do, with a touch of efficiency and style! We created a system that flowed in a similar way an in-home kitchen would. The addition of matching bins, drawer inserts, and of course some well placed labels, became the cornerstone of this project, providing a cohesive and efficient solution to corral and organize their diverse array of items." - Lindsay



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