A NEAT Surprise with Savvy Giving by Design

Thursday, July 23, 2020

When NEAT Method Providence owner, Stephanie Pasley, was asked if she'd be willing to donate her services to a good cause, she was immediately onboard! Through the Rhode Island chapter of Savvy Giving By Design, and with the interior design expertise of Janelle Blakely Photopoulos, they were able to transform the bedroom of a well deserving little boy named, Kyrie.

Kyrie was born with a rare disease called gastroschisis, where internal organs form outside of a baby’s body in utero. Kyrie underwent a surgery at 6 days old that saved his life, but left him with Short Bowel Syndrome and a feeding tube. Despite this, Kyrie is an active 8 year old who loves cheetahs, koalas, and Pokémon. His favorite colors are green and blue, and he likes to spend his time playing soccer, drawing and painting.

Stephanie worked together with Janelle to make sure Kyrie's space was not only fun and inspiring, but also functional. "For this project, Janelle brought me in from the initial site visit and shared all inspiration boards, elevations, plans and approved finishes," Stephanie explains. "When it came time for me to pick any organizational products, I was able to reference these documents and images. All organizational products purchased were put forth and approved by Janelle and her team. Some of the furniture that Janelle was purchasing for the project had spaces that I would need to organize into so these were sent to me to ensure I could fit all of Kyrie's belongings into the pieces." Sounds like a dream team!

As with every NEAT space, we make sure the organization is customized to our client's needs, and Kyrie's bedroom was no exception. Stephanie explains, "Due to Kyrie's condition, they need to keep a lot of additional bedding on hand, to make it easier for his parents when changing the bedding regularly. We wanted to ensure that all of the backup bedding was kept right in Kyrie's room to make those middle of the night and early morning bedding changes as seamless as possible. Janelle found a great bed that had a lot of storage space built in. There was an extremely deep drawer that pulled out from under the bed and two shelves underneath and at the ends of the bed. I was able to fold all of the extra bedding into the drawer and into baskets that sat on those under bed shelves. 
Almost all of Kyrie's clothes were either file folded into drawers or hung in his closet using children's slimline hangers. Kyrie likes hoodies so we mounted hooks from Target for him to hang a couple of his favorites."

Stephanie wraps up by telling us, "Kyrie is such an amazing kid who deserves the world so I was just happy that I could be part of giving him a wonderful space to enjoy." What a lovely project to be a part of. Tell us what you think of Kyrie's new space!

the NEAT team
Donations for Kyrie's room:

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