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Thursday, August 4, 2022

When it comes to drawers, we've pretty much seen (and organized) it all. It's how we knew which little details were important to add to our own products. With the launch of our Everyday and White Oak Drawer Organizers, we're excited to round out our drawer offerings and share how they can be used to elevate lower cabinets throughout your home. 

Small Oxford Bins

Our smallest sized Oxford Bins were designed with your top dresser drawer in mind. Easily streamline intimates, socks, tank tops and baby clothes with these upholstery grade fabric bins in two color options. 


Everyday Drawer Organizers

When creating our Everyday Drawer Organizers, we knew we wanted to use an easy-care material that would work well in the bathroom. In the end we chose 30% post-consumer recycled PET that is 100% recyclable. They come in five sizes with rubber feet attached to prevent them shifting in your drawer. We call them the Everyday Organizer because they're the perfect solution for your everyday items. 



White Oak Drawer Organizers

Just like our Everyday Drawer Organizers, our White Oak Drawer Organizers include rubber feet and come in five sizes - any configuration goes! Their solid white oak material makes them our favorite choice for offices, utility drawers and nightstands. 



Acacia Drawer Divider

The best part about our custom look Acacia Drawer Dividers is that they come in four sizes to accommodate almost any size drawer. We love them for dividing rows of file folded clothing in the closet, large utensils in the kitchen, and packaged snacks in the pantry. 



Acacia Drawer Inserts

Looking for an even simpler solution? Our Acacia Drawer Inserts come in three configurations and expand to fit. They also include rubber feet and were designed to corral flatware, utensils, kitchen gadgets, and the makings of every "junk drawer". Simply insert and expand. 


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