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Friday, April 15, 2016

Hey hey sports fans, guess who is our Admiring April feature today?! 

Today we are chatting with ESPN Anchor, Jaymee Sire about how she got to where she is and how staying organized is a key to her success!

Jaymee Sire, ESPN, NEAT Method, Organized

NM :: So it's no secret we admire you and the work that you do. Can you give our readers a brief overview of what your passions are and how you became an anchor for ESPN?

Jaymee :: I would venture to say that, for most people, the thing they set out to do in high school is not the same career they have 20 years later. I, however, decided my junior year in high school that I wanted to be in the television business, and I've been working every day since to make that dream a reality. It's very rewarding for all of the hard work to pay off!

Jaymee Sire, ESPN, NEAT Method, Organized

NM :: You've got to be organized in order to keep your talking points straight, no? Do you have any daily routines that help you prep for the day?

Jaymee :: My alarm goes off at 3am. (Yes, 3am!) Ironically, I'm not really a morning person, so it's important for me to have a routine I follow so that I don't oversleep or forget anything. For starters, I shower at night to cut down on my getting ready time. I also decide what outfit I'm going to wear on TV the night before and hang it on a hook right next to the door and I put my heels into my work bag. I live in an older home in Connecticut, so I turned one of the smaller rooms into a giant closet (with the help of California Closets), which makes the getting ready process so much easier and enjoyable.

Jaymee Sire, ESPN, NEAT Method, Organized

NM :: Ummm you always look so fabulous on TV, are there any styling or beauty tips that you would like to share? Is there a particular product you are loving or an organizing tip/tool that helps you maintain your professional appearance?

Jaymee :: I am spoiled in that I get to have my hair and makeup done for me every day. But as for my own beauty routine, I definitely use night creams and serums before bed to keep my skin looking fresh and moisturized and warding off wrinkles. I really like products from Clinique and Kiehls. And maybe the most important thing… WATER! I used to be so bad about drinking it, so I bought a simple water bottle where you can twist the cap to keep track of how much you've had for the day!

Jaymee Sire, ESPN, NEAT Method, Organized

NM :: Is there any other NEAT news or tips that you would like to share with our readers?

Jaymee :: Aside from my career, my other passion is food and cooking. I have a food blog (, and I try to cook at home as much as possible. I think it's super important to have passions outside of work, and this definitely fits the bill for me. I recently reorganized my cupboards and spice drawers so that everything is easily accessible and organized (inspired by NEAT Method!).

Jaymee Sire, ESPN, NEAT Method, Organized


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Jaymee, we just love how much organization plays a role in your lifestyle! Thank you so much for sharing your tips with us – we can't wait to implement a few of them ourselves (the water tracking idea really has us particularly excited!). Next time we need to talk sports – we could probably use a lot of help in that arena! 

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