Adult Friendly Toy Bins for Your Home

Friday, November 20, 2015

Homes across the country have their own unique qualities. For example, many homes have basements that can be used as an amazing play space for kids. This makes keeping children's toys in once place SIGNIFICANTLY EASIER. Some homes…don't have basments and that's when the NEAT girls have to get more creative when it comes to toy storage. 

When looking at a home that doesn't not have a designated, "play space" the bins and baskets are a crucial part of our plan. They need to be aesthetically pleasing enough to be exposed in a room that is primarly used as an adult space. Lucky for us, Lisa in San Francisco has become a master at this challenge! The first product she loves, are the Cotton Rope Bins from the Container Store. These come in a few sizes and are extra handy since they are not too big for kids to carry on their own!

If your child has a lot of something (like stuffed animals for example) this soft yet durable Woven Felt Hamper from West Elm is your perfect solution!

Looking for something to keep a newborn's necessities in? This caddy we found on Etsy makes changing baby anywhere much easier! 

Since San Francisco loves all things local, Lisa couldn't help but share these really great Recycled Canvas Buckets from a store called, Maika. Wait… did we just say recycled AND local? How SF of us! 

Want to know more of our favorite products to use in homes? Check out our Pinterest Page for details!


the NEAT girls