Anatomy of a NEAT Garage

Thursday, June 24, 2021

Not all garages are created equal. Some are small and detached, and others are bright and spacious. Regardless of size or paint color, the majority of home garages are too full (or disorganized) to park inside. That's where we come in. We're breaking it down to the basic anatomy of a NEAT Method garage and how we effectively clear the floor. 

Labeled Bins

Boxes are not your friend. They buckle, absorb moisture, and can attract bugs. A NEAT garage always has clearly labeled bins. Bonus if they are transparent so you can easily spot items without pulling out the ladder. Our favorite are super sturdy weathertight totes because they come in multiples sizes and have a great seal that protects from outside elements. 


We work with our clients to implement anything from modular shelving to custom cabinetry. It doesn't have to be fancy but it's super important for getting those bins up off the ground. We like to position them away from swinging car doors, if possible, and take maximum advantage of vertical space (the taller, the better). If space is tight, ceiling racks are a great alternative but will require a little bit of a climb. 


Not everything fits inside a bin or sits nicely on a shelf. Odd shaped items like shovels, bikes, ladders, and camp chairs are more effectively stored on a hook. Sure, you can drill individual hooks into your wall, but an elfa track or pegboard like the ones used here, will give you the ability to select multiple sizes and shift things around as your needs change. 


Drop Zone

Drop zones are created based on the needs of each of our clients and can be really helpful for homes with no mudroom. They are custom designed to make life a little easier, whether piling into the car or unloading from a long day. Assess the types of items that collect by your garage door and create a space for those things to land. 

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The NEAT Team

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